Seven Continents of the World Crossword


The largest continent.
Highest mountain in Asia.
The ______ Wall of China.
Biggest country in Africa.
The longest river in Africa.
Mount Everest is part of this mountain range.
The Victoria Falls is found on this continent.
The richest country in the world is on this continent.
Walt ______ World.
On what continent is the Amazon Rain Forest?
This continent is found at the South Pole.
Smallest country in the world is on this continent.
This landmark is in Paris.
Kangaroos are found on this continent.

River Landscapes Crossword


A type of erosion process; stones carried along scratch the river bed and banks (like sandpaper).
A type of erosion process; rocks being transported bump against each other and break into smaller, smoother, rounder particles.
Particles in running water, which are transported along the river bed. Generally, the bedload in the lower course is smaller and more rounded compared to the bedload in the upper course, which is bigger and coarser.
A type of river profile; shows what a cross-section of a river’s channel and valley looks like.
The process of depositing or dropping off any material when a river lacks energy for transportation.
The process of wearing away rock and soil in a river bed and banks; also, breaking of rocks carried by the river.
An example of depositional landforms in the lower course; where river meets sea; river slows down and broadens; tides clear out materials into the sea; remaining sediments form mudflats.
An example of depositional landforms in the lower course; wide and flat land around the river; covered during floods, the river reduces energy and deposits alluvium (fertile silt/sand), which is good for farming.
A type of erosion process; the power of flowing water smashes against the river banks, causes air to be trapped in cracks, and eventually breaks the rock.
An example of erosional landforms in the upper course; a series of land ridges protruding interchangeably from either side of a valley with the river zigzagging between them.
An example of depositional landforms in the lower course; natural embankment along the river banks; bigger particles deposited closest to the river and build up after many floods.
A type of river profile; a line representing the change in gradient (steepness of slope) with distance from river’s source to mouth.
One of the stages that features the following: more deposition; large amounts of load but very small and rounded (fine sediment); channel is deepest and widest; flat land.
Example of erosional and depositional landforms in the middle course; large curves in a river; forms when lateral erosion widens the river to the right side then left side with more water and more energy.
One of the river stages that features the following: more lateral erosion and deposition; load is smaller and less angular; channel is deeper and wider; U-shaped.
An example of erosional & depositional landforms in the middle course; cut-off part of a meander; forms when erosion tightens the neck and during flood, higher discharge of eroded materials breaks the neck, leaving behind a horseshoe-shaped loop.
A type of transportation process; small pebbles are bounced along the river bed.
A type of transportation process; minerals are dissolved and carried along in water
A type of erosion process; water reacts with chemicals and dissolves rocks.
A type of transportation process; lighter material (like sand, silt, clay) is suspended or carried in the water.
A type of transportation process; large stones are rolled along the river bed.
The process of picking up sediment and carrying it downstream.
One of the river stages that features the following: vertical erosion; load is large and angular; channel is shallow and narrow; steep sided V-shaped valleys.
A measure of how rapidly the water moves over a quantified distance (speed = distance/time). It usually rises with increasing distance downstream, as more water is added to rivers.

Memories of Andrea's time at Leigh Crossword


the new walls were talked about for years before your arrival, but you had to deal with inconvenience repair to this
here is your bag, now drive along
kept us inside for 7 days also name for an older woman on the prowl
gave us a renovated office and a new gym floor
the forest fires created a lot of this, which kept us inside
because of these, falling trees kept us inside
these dirty trousers created quite the smell while the K’s are drumming
sharing our land with many 4-legged
this baby was born in our forest
upgraded to improve ventilation
created a cozy and united staff
a well-deserved drink choice on Friday nights
acceptable drink to get you through the day
these hide our smiles and our looks of exhaustion
created these on our land to play within
veins, hips, and eyes oh my
caused unexpected evacuations
a collaborative K partnership that required this
the school rocks to this beat, thanks to your brother’s connections
the dad that made a tearful speech every September
this message was graffitied on the boy’s bathroom wall especially for you
time spent with a small group of 5-year-olds
not the boxer, but the owl that gave us something to write about
this was an uninvited flying visitor in Michelle’s room
used to alert you of sick kids in class
you taught Kindergarten on this day
the messenger of joy was found in a portable
an embarrassing assembly moment when you had to do this
resulted in temperatures above 40 degrees
friend, colleague and co-pilot
the man was here, moved to the creek then to see the Habs
this person is your frontline right-hand
after a few years of being overpopulated, we lost some of our staff and students to this new school SMILING
this head teacher ran our morning meetings before her departure last year

Geography Wordsearch

Word Search


Qin Shi Huang's Tomb Word Search

Qin Shi Huang's Tomb Word Search
Word Search

Lintong District Shaanxi
Different Features
Terracotta Army
8,000 Solders
Qin Shi Huang
Yang Zhifa
100 × 75m
246 BC

Activity Book Crossword


Easy loop trail up Icicle Road
Flowing water
Place fish are hatched
"Bavarian Village" in Central WA
High elevation fall color tree
Hairy mountain animal
Frozen water
Tiny insect
Body of water
Protected wilderness area
Not in the past or present
Fruit tree
Lower compass point
Place into recepticle
Native fish
Bird of prey

Holiday Crossword puzzel


gives gifts to good children
scares children who have misbehaved
Hung on eves, fences, trees, and bushes
Hung on trees
Pull a sleigh
We like to have this at Christmas time
We like to make him out of snow
Wanted to be a dentist
Screamed 'IT'S SANTA!'
We lay in the snow to make these
An upgrade from the Yule Log
Has a birth defect
We like to drink this when its cold
We love to give these using fun and colorful paper
Something that is in our stocking if we were naughty
The whole family flew here in Home Alone

Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma Crossword

Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma  Crossword

August 6, 1969
December 17, 1971
August 16, 1974
March 20, 1989
July 1, 1990
November 8, 1980
December 29, 1992
December 26, 1993
February 5, 1997
October 6, 2010
April 12, 2010
March 9, 2011
May 9, 2013
February 29, 2012
April 20, 2017
November 5, 2016
May 11, 2015
February 8, 1947

Disasters and what Southern Baptist do to HELP Word Search

Disasters and what Southern Baptist do to HELP Word Search
Word Search

laundry mats
forest fires

Yellow Grop Crossword

Yellow Grop Crossword

to smile widely
brought, brought
fall or let fall in drops; shed drops; N: action or sound of falling in drops; liquid that falls in drops
to broil over hot coals or to fry on a griddle
an action that is meant to deceive someone
to take a liquid into your mouth and swallow it
a block of hard material used in building
a bed with high sides for a baby
after second
a piece of clothing for the upper body that has sleeves and usually a collar and buttons down the front
any substance that makes something dirty, for example dust, soil or
bird An endothermic vertebrate that is covered in feathers, breathes through lungs and lays hard-shelled eggs
to lie along the edge of; to pass nearby or around, rather than through
female child
to give someone a job
king the jungle