Skeletal and Muscular Systems Crossword

Joint found in the shoulder and hip
type of muscle that is voluntary and striated
occurs when a bone is forced out of its joint
only type of tissue that is able to contract
flexible connective tissue that makes up our nose and ears
connects bone to bone
type of joint found in the knee and elbow
place where bones come together
connects bone to muscle
muscle tissue found in the heart
type of muscle that is involuntary; controls breathing, bp, and digestion
occurs when ligaments or tendons are pulled beyond their normal range
helps make red and white blood cells
front of the arm muscles
back of the arm muscles
protects the lungs and other vital organs

muscular/skeletal crossword puzzle

muscular/skeletal crossword puzzle

flexible but inelastic cord of strong fibrous tissue attaching a muscle to bone
fibrous connective tissue that connects two bones or cartilages or holds together a joint
the location at which bones connect
connective tissue found in many areas of the body between bones
fibrous tissue that has gthe ability to contract producing movement in or maintaining the position of parts of the body
tissue that connects,supports,binds, or separates other tissues or organs.
relating to the part of the stomach nearest the esophagus
relating to or functioning as a skeleton
occuring in the gut and other internal oorgans and not uder voluntary control
inner of the two bones between the knee and the ankle, parallel with the fibula
external framework of bone, cartilage, or rigid material supporting the body of an animal or plant
can be found where the hummerous meets the ulna
type of synovial joint
the bone of the uppper arm or forelimb
the ball shaped surface of one rounded bone fits into the cup like depression of another bone
the type of muscle that we can control
the type of muscle that we don't control
the brain is referred to this
the part of the brain that controls the body balance and movement
the flap of tissue that seals your windpipe

Shoulder Crossword

Shoulder Crossword

Shoulder blade
Injury that could cause shoulder dislocation
Most common dislocation in the shoulder
Most common dislocation joint
A way to diagnose a dislocated shoulder
The shoulder is this type of joint
A muscle that helps in shoulder shrugs
Collar bone
Breast bone
Funny Bone
Muscle responsible for extension
Muscle responsible for flexion
How many bones are in the shoulder
Smallest rotator cuff muscle
Rotator cuff that holds humerus in place
Clavicle separated from sternum
Inflammation of bicep tendon
Percentage of posterior dislocation
Partial or complete tear of AC ligament

Sports Medicine Terminology Crossword

Sports Medicine Terminology Crossword

close to the midline
stretching or tearing of a muscle or tendon
a bruise
swelling in a joint
complete separation of two ends of a joint
where two bones meet
stretching or tearing of a ligament
away from the midline
in front of
lying face down
swelling in the tissue
break in a bone
a sudden injury
overuse injury
structure that connects muscle to bone
a scrape
rest, ice, compression, elevation
fluid filled sac
a structure that connects bone to bone
a symptom of redness, and swelling
knee cap
thigh bone
arm bone
number of muscles that make up the quadriceps
your favorite teacher

The Muscular System Crossword

The Muscular System Crossword

Butt muscle
tendon in the heel
muscles that attach to the bone
Muscles that act on the lining of the bodies passageways and hollow internal organs
Muscle above the knee
major muscles of the back and is responsible for moving and rotating
Controls the motion of elbows and shoulders
Opens a joint
The muscle then travels down the arm and is connected on to the ulna of the forearm
When an organ or tissue protudes through an area of weak muscles
Muscles connecting the upper extremity to the vertebral column
cause swelling around muscles and bones
The bulk of the chest
long, thin, superficial muscle that runs down the length of the thigh in the anterior
Closes a joint
Attach to shoulder
Muscle found in heart
Contains many veins and arteries

Animal Tissue Crossword

Animal Tissue Crossword

Connective tissue that is found at joints, joining bone to bone
Connective tissue involved in the bodies immune response
Connective tissue that stores energy in the form of Fat
Muscle tissue that is involuntary, slightly striated and lines the walls of the heart
Epithelium that has a large surface area,is permeable and protects the underlying tissue from damage
Muscle tissue that allows the movement of bones
___________ fibre is found in connective tissue, allows the issue to be strong and flexible
Connective tissue that protects internal organs,supports the body and is attached to muscles.
This type of Epithelium is responsible for absorption of digested substances, support other cell types
Secretory cells found in some epithelia
Connective tissue that transports Gases to and from cells
Connective tissue that binds muscles to bones
Connective tissue that forms a continuous layer under the skin
Type of neurons that bring about movement of an effector muscle
Muscle tissue that moves at will is ____________
Tissue that is involved in blood clotting
Provides support for the nose ears and joints
Red Pigment that binds with oxygen, aids in transport of oxygen
Tissue that carries electrical impulses from one part of the body to another
___________ columnar epithelium has hair like structures.

Tissues Crossword

Tissues Crossword

type of epithelia that is found in the urinary bladder
tissue that receives and conducts electrochemical impulses
type of connective tissue where cells are surrounded by a very hard matrix that contains calcium salts
type of cartilage that is found in the larynx, ribs, and ends of bones
type of connective tissue that is soft and pliable and underlies the skin
type of tissue that is specialized to contract to produce movement
type of connective tissue that is less hard and more flexible than bone
type of muscle contraction produced by smooth muscle that allows material to move along a tube in one direction
structure that the lower surface of epithelial cells rests upon
epithelia that lines most of the respiratory tract
type of connective tissue that forms the framework of filter organs like the spleen and lymph nodes
voluntary mucscle tissue
type of connective tissue that consists of a non living plasma, red cells, white cells, and platelets
cells of connective tissue "live" in a cavity called ___.
type of connective tissue that makes up tendons and ligaments
dark and light areas called ___ can be seen in skeletal muscle
flat epithelia that is in multiple layers
type of cell found within columnar epithelia secretes mucus
involuntary muscle tissue found in the heart
tissue type that lines organs and is responsible for protection, secretion, absorption, and filtration
nonliving substance found outside connective tissue cells and is made of structureless ground substance and fibers
type of connective tissue that insulates the body from temperature changes and protects from mechanical damage
type of connective tissue that surrounds and protects the soft organs
columnar epithelia that appears to be in multiple layers but is not
epithelia that is found in the esophagus, mouth, and outer portion of the skin
type of gap junction found in cardiac muscle that allows quick communication between heart cells

Skeletal System Crossword

Skeletal System Crossword

a dense layer of tissue enveloping bones except at the surface of joints is known as what?
Bone Remodeling is also known as ___________
a viscous non-newtonian fluid found in synovial joints is known as what?
How many bones are in the body?
ligaments connects two ____
where is the Humerus located?
the Vertebrae is a part of what structure in the body?
The Skull, the Sternum, and Shoulder blades are known as what type of Bone?
What do short bones provide?
Red Marrow is also known as ___________
The Hip and the SHoulders are known as what type of joint?
The Clavicle is a Fancy name for what bone?
Phalanges are what?

Chapter 19 Support and Movement Crossword

Chapter 19 Support and Movement Crossword

The outer layer of skin that is made of epithelial tissues
The inner, thicker layer of the skin mostly made of connective tissues
layer of the skin that is not really part of the skin and is below the dermis
a dark pigment that colors peoples skin
a type of connective tissue that is more softer and flexible than bone
a connective tissue that consists of living bone cells and nonliving material
the living bone cells found between the layers
marrow cavities and spongy bone thats filled with this
flexible bands of connective tissues that attach bones to other bones
bands of connective tissue that connect muscles to joints
muscles you can control
muscles that move your skeleton
striations that appear to move
Muscles that you cannot control
muscles that don"t have strations
Like the heart this muscle is striated and involuntary



Consists of bones in the head, neck, rib cage and vertebral column. ______________ Skeleton
Consists of the bones in the upper and lower limbs. _______________ Skeleton
Attaches the limbs to the rest of the skeletal system.
Found on the tips of bones and prevents/reduces friction.
_____________ make up most of the human skeleton.
Longest bone in the forearm
Longest bone in the lower limbs
Movement of an organism from one place to another.
Protect organs
Join muscle to bone
bones are connected to one another by
A junction where bones meet
Bones that work together; _______________ muscles
Lubricates the joint
Secretes lubricant for the joint
Type of joint that allows movement in one direction

muscular system Crossword

muscular system Crossword

Shorten, become smaller and tighter.
to loosen, go back to original length.
a muscle at the front of the upper arm. It lifts and bends the lower arm when it contracts.
What is a flexible, but an elastic cord that attaches a muscle to the bone?
the name of a muscle that straightens your arm.
Your skeletal system works with your muscular system to allow?
what muscles work all by themselves to make your heart pump blood?
when you specifically make your muscles work
a kind of muscle acts independently of the will.
muscular system is an organ system consisting of skeletal muscles, smooth muscles and
What muscles are controlled directly by the autonomic nervous system.
What can a loss of function can produce?
What is one of the muscles used in sprinting?
What is one of the muscles used in a baseball swing?
What is the muscle that allows you to shrug your shoulders?