The breakup of rock due to exposure to process that occur at or near Earth's surface is called
Erosion is the removal and transport of materials by natural agents such as _______ and running water
The breakdown of rock that takes place when a rock is broken into smaller peices of the same material without changing its composition
The breakdown or _________ of a rock that takes place when minerals are changed into different substances is called Chemical Weathering
A mechanical wheathering process in which water freezes in the cracks of a rock and ________ apart is called frost wedging
The wearing away of rock material by grinding action is called
The peeling of surface layers from _______ bedrock is called exfoliation
______ is the chemical reaction of water with other substances
Rainwater that contains unusually high amounts of acids that can be traced back to pollutants, including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen compounds, and carbon dioxide is called
Oxidation is the chemical reaction of ________ with other substances
Mass movement is the _________ transportation of large masses of earth materials by gravity
________ is the slow, often imperceptible, movement of soil down a slope
The downslope movement of water that contains large amounts of suspended clay and silt is called
________ is the higher land that separates one drainage basin from another
All the land that ______ into the river either directly or through its tributaries; a watershed is called drainage basin
________ is sand, pebbles, and boulders that are moved along the bed of a stream and that are too heavy to be carried in suspension
The volume of water that passes a certain point in a stream or river in a given amount of time is called
A river and all of its tributaries
_______ is a state in whk materials carried by a river are stirred up and kept from sinking by the turbulence of stream flow
The slope or incline of an area of land or of a stream is called
A measure of the total amount of sediment a stream can carry is called
A crescent-shaped body of water formed when sediments deposited by a river cut off a meander from the river is called
Broad, looping bends in a river are called
A wide, level area that borders a river and is covered by its water during a flood is called
A measure that describes the maximum size of the particles a stream can carry is called
A fan-shaped deposite that forms when a river flows into a quiet or large body of water, such as a lake, and ocean, or an island sea is called
A stream that runs into another stream or river is called a
All the land that drains into the river either directly or through its tributaries; a drainage basin is called a

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