Created more modern video game systems with a console and multiple cartridges
Gerald Lawson
Empowered African-American woman
Shirley Ann Jackson
the first person to discover that insects can hear and alter behavior based on previous experience.
Charles Turner
Hosted the TV show Cosmo and coined Pluto as a Dwarf Planet
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Neurologist and republican candidate
Ben Carson
Physist that worked in the Manhatten Project
Jasper Brown Jeffries
Invented infrared thermography application
Sharon J. Barnes
Created the "Temples Toggle", a harpoon for whaling
Lewis Temple
Created Piezoelectric polymers
Jocelyn Harrison
Created the process of "Dry Scouring"
Thomas L. Jennings
Calculated flight trajectory for Apollo 11
Katherine G. Johnson
Developed selfbonding thermoplastic
Robert G. Bryant
First African-American to be a president of the American Chemical society
Henry Aaron Hill
Father of ice cream
Agustus Jackson
Worked on Manhattan project
Lloyd Quarterman