Month of our dream wedding
A sassy sabertooth feline
What I love most about you
How you make me feel every day
Our first date
Tutto Pasta
Location of a pretty lame party
Park terrace west
Three little words I can't say enough
I love you
Paradise, a.k.a. our honeymoon Island
Turks and Caicos
Day of the week we said our "I do's"
Number of years we've been together
Day you asked me to be your wife
How long I will love you for
Our original anniversary month
How I know you'll make a great dad someday
Mom and dad
Location of our first vacation together
What I admire the most about you
big heart
What I am because I have you
What my life is with you in it
Husband and _______
How many years we were engaged for
You are my ________

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