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tourism Crossword


someone who go on hoilday seeing the wonders of the world tourist
a special time when people go on holiday every year season
someone whose job is to look after a group of people who are visiting a place and give them information about it guide
a book that gives information about the place they are visiting guidebook
a place where a lot of people go on holiday, usually one with a lot of hotels, bars, and restaurants hoilday resort
a small book that contains useful words and phrases in a particular foreign language, used especially by tourist phrasebook
interesting places that people go to see sightseeing
peoples aim to get to there place destination
that special route made by the tourist to find a place or thing journey
an unusual and exciting or daring experience: adventure
the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment entertianment

QA S4X Behaviors Observations Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards

Be Warm & Friendly
Set Clear Expectations
Own It
Show Appreciation
Discover Needs
Be an XFINITY Ambassador
Listen & Respond
Make It Effortless
Used the Caller's Name
Sounded Excited About Comcast
Asked Probing Questions
Thanked Customer for Loyalty
Offered a Summary of The Call
Offered MyAccount App
Provided Caller with Empathy
Picked Up on Caller's Cues
Power Words for Confidence
Offered Personal Experience
Discussed Channel Line Up
Used Courtesy Phrases
Heard "I Love My Job" comment
Sounded Authentic & Genuine
Displayed a "Can Do" Attitude
Used Account Clues for Assist


High School Graduation Crossword


What you say to all of your freinds as you leave goodbye
throw it in the air at the end of the ceremony graduationcap
you recieve this upon graduating diploma
choosing which one to go to after graduating can be difficult college
Don't for get to sign all of your freinds __________! yearbooks
Make sure you smile in all of your _________________! photos
The smartest one at graduation valedictorian
When you recieve your diploma you move your ______________ from right to left. tassel
Listen to the validictorian give his _______________. speech
These invite all friends and family to the ceremony invitations
Pomp & _________________________ Circumstance
Hopefully you get one of these so you don't have to pay too much for college Scholarship
Another word for graduation commencement
BFF Bestfriendsforever
The students as a whole. class
Don't forget to thank them for getting you this far. parents
instructors and coaches teachers
Celebrate till early morning party
The robe you wear gown
They'll be there in the audience cheering you on. Family
You'll look back at these and smile. moments
Don't forget to send these out when all is said and done. Thankyous
General ___________________ Developement Education
Prom, Dance or __________. cotillion

Wordly Wise Creative Assessment Lessons 5-8 Crossword


To portray or describe depict
Unenthusiastic or showing little excitement lackadaisical
To take by force if needed confiscate
Unorganized; done without care slovenly
A vague suspicion inkling
Causing ceaseless exasperation rankle
To steal something of little importance repeatedly pilfer
To rebel or intentionally disobey orders mutiny
To criticize in a harsher; a denunciation rebuke
To begin; to board a ship or boat before a journey embark
Weird; uncommon bizarre
An event which causes distress or anguish calamity
To go by or pass elapse
Likely to occur soon; nearly upon imminent
Discord; a clash of opinions dissension
To ask questions in a methodical, detailed manner interrogate
Very thorough; mindful of the smallest of details meticulous
To bring to court face accusation arraign
Government not present; total turmoil anarchy
To seize; to grasp a meaning apprehend
A terrible fear of small spaces claustrophobia
A companion with similar or equal status colleague
To frighten or dishearten daunt
To clear or get rid of as if physically scattering dispel
To nickname or give an offcial title dub
Unimportant; dumb inane
having spirit; courage when the prospects don't look good mettle
Trifling; of little importance negligible
To make something last longer protract
A small likeness of something already in existence replica
Experienced; proficient adept
Somthing that can be heard audible
A beautiful blue which usually describes a cloudless sky azure
Spacious; capable of holding large amounts capacious
Sizeable in amount; plenty copious
vitally important crucial
To make simpler; to make uncomplicated facilitate
Erratic; sporadic; intermittent fitful
A feeling of pain or distress which is sudden and felt sharply pang
A position, rank, or time which comes or goes before another precede

Vocab 7 Crossword


Use of figurative language, to represent objects, actions and ideas in such a way that it appeals to our physical senses. Imagery
I wear a red yes and how he kissed me under the Moorish Wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes… Ambiguity
A __________________ gets its meaning within a specific cultural context. Conventional symbols
A point of view (who is telling a story) where the story is narrated by one character at a time. First persdon narration
“To err is human; to forgive divine.” Parallelism
__________ occurs when a word or phrase used more than once. Repetition
A word or phrase (usually an adjective phrase, noun phrase, or pronoun) that follows a linking verb and describes or renames the subject of the sentence. subject complement
A writer may express a ______ through the feelings of his main character about the subject he has chosen to write about. theme
presentation of a specific meaning for a word in order to prevent ambiguity and confusion. Distinctio
“Love as if you would one day hate, and hate as if you would one day love.” Chiasmus
the use of informal words, phrases or even slang in a piece of writing Colloquial
The audience saw the ____________________ of the play: Romeo and Juliet. dramatic irony
A sentence structure in which a main clause is followed by one or more coordinate or subordinate phrases and clauses. loose sentence
“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.” Metonymy
There are a bunch of fan-made _______ videos on Youtube. Parody
“Civilization’s going to pieces . . . I’ve gotten to be a terrible pessimist about things.  Have you read “The Rise of the Colored Empires” by this man Goddard? . . . Well, it’s a fine book, and everybody ought to read it.  The idea is if we don’t look out the white race will be–will be utterly submerged.  It’s all scientific stuff; it’s been proved… I know I’m not very popular.  I don’t give big parties.  I suppose you’ve got to make your house into a pigsty in order to have any friends–in the modern world.” Pedantic
Describes the variety, the conventions, and the purposes of the major kinds of writing. Rhetorical Modes
When a sentence is a __________________. it does not express a complete thought. subordinate clause
Words and phrases that provide a connection between ideas, sentences and paragraphs. Transition
“I lost my temper.” Understatement

Social Skills Crossword


When you laugh at something it is... Funny
When you are enjoying yourself, you are having... Fun
When you get along with others... Cooperate
Opposite of sad Happy
Opposite of frown Smile
When you tell the truth Honest
Another word for nice Kind
Opposite of rude polite
It is polite to use... manners
Say Please and..... Thank You
Positive or negative... Attitude
Keeping distance from others boundaries
Focus on... Yourself
Use Coping... Skills



What you feel when you are appreciative or thankful grateful
when you feel completely shocked or surprised astonished
a feeling of overwhelming joy or bliss ecstactic
worn out or extremely tired exhausted
unable to make choices indecisive
when you feel that you lack energy or enthusiasm to do anything lethargic
you sometimes feel this as a student ; no energy or enthusiasm lethargic
unwilling or hesitant to do something reluctant
shy or awkward; embarrassed
when you can't feel any sensation in your body numb
worried or nervous about doing something apprehensive
doing a task well and thoroughly without wasting time efficient
wanting to be in another person's position because of their good fortune envious
unsure of or unable to understand something confused
to be extremely annoyed, upset or sickened by something disgusted
I passed my IELTS test and feel EXTREMELY PLEASED PROUD
really tired of or irritated by something FED UP
I did something really STUPID without thinking foolish
I have STRONG beliefs about human rights especially children and vulnerable members of society PASSIONATE
I was UNHAPPY with the cutstomer service at the restaurant DISSASTISFIED
I sometimes feel this when i am away from my native country and family HOMESICK
I like to hang out with people who are POSITIVE OPTIMISTIC
Some people believe that being a celebrity is ATTRACTIVE & EXCITING GLAMOROUS
thinking that someone is guilty of doing something SUSPICIOUS
when you feel angry about something that you think is unfair RESENTFUL
soft or kind TEND
when you are unable to look after yourself HELPLESS
if you demonstrate strong feelings of love and doing things associated with it ROMANTIC
The media is very CRITICAL/DISREPECTFUL about certain celebrities and people in the public eye SCORNFUL
After a nap or a cold shower I feel more AWAKE and less TIRED REFRESHED
I was really EXCITED and HAPPY when I met my favourite celebrity THRILLED
I sometimes feel THIS emotion with strangers SHY

Galatians 5 Fruit of The Spirit Crossword


Jesus commands us to ____________ oneanother LOVE
____________ of The Lord is our strength JOY
Jesus is The Prince of ______________ PEACE
When we wait our turn quietly, we have ____________________ PATIENCE
Helping our brother with his homework shows ________________ KINDNESS
When we help Mom in the kitchen and Dad in the garage we have __________________________ GOODNESS
When we do our chores everyday and read our Bibles everyday we have __________________________ FAITHFULNESS
When we hold our puppy carefully or pet our kitten softly we have ___________________________ GENTLENESS
When we wait for dessert until after we eat our dinner we have _______________________ SELFCONTROL
Which disciple wrote to the Galatians APOSTLEPAUL
Against such there is no law The Bible Says FRUITOFTHESPIRIT

Literary Devices Crossword


Repetition of a beginning sound for effect. Alliteration
Reference to a well known character or event from history, literature etc. Allusion
Repetition of the sound of a vowel or diphthong. Ex: belt, felt Assonance
Reassurance of similar sounds especially consonants. Ex: pitter, patter. Consonance
A positive statement expressed by negating its opposite expressions. Litotes
a long narrative poem about someone who does heroic deeds. Ex: The Oddessy Epic
Language that uses words or expressions with a meaning that is different from the literal interpretation. Figurative Language
Poetry that is free from limitations of regular meter or rhythm and does not rhyme with fixed forms. Free Verse
Extreme Exaggeration. Hyperbole
Phrase or word stating one unlike thing is another Metaphor
Words that imitate sound. Onomatopoeia
Giving human qualities to inanimate objects. Personification
Repeats same word or phrase to make idea more clear Repetition
Correspondence of sound between the words or the endings of words especially when these are at the ends of lines of poetry. Rhyme
Comparing two unlike things using 'like' or 'as' Simile
The person telling the story. (Not to be confused with author) Speaker
A group of lines forming the basic reassuring metrical unit in a poem; a verse, Stanza
Mental Picture created by the way the author writes Imagery
Story poem or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one. Ex: Animal Farm Allegory
Phrase so overused it lost its original meaning. Cliche
The use of humor, irony exaggeration or ridicule to expose and criticize peoples stupidity or vices. Ex: Animal Farm Satire

Study skills Crossword


What can you use to keep track of assignment, test and project due dates? Planner
Note-taking is ineffective if you don't ___________ clearly. Write
Using _________________ can help reinforce concepts. Examples
Read _______________ if you are looking for details. Slowly
You should ____________ pages if you are looking for a general idea. Skim
Take a ___________ before a test to relax. Breath
___________________ questions you know first. Answer
_________________ words to make note taking faster. Abbreviate
You should get plenty of ____________ before a test. Sleep
Take time out to have _______ when studying for a test. Fun