What did Cammie's room used to be?
an attic
What do Courtney Bauer's parents do?
They are optometrists
Who had the highest score on the 3rd grade achievement tests ever?
What does Liz say when faced with a minor catastrophe?
Oopsy daisy
What color is evapopaper?
What was the name of the fake student on the posters for student council president that replaced the banners at Gallagher Academy during Code Red?
What is the name of the Gallagher girl who had disabled a bomb in the White House with her teeth and had a statue at Gallagher Academy?
Eleanor Everett
What kind of candy does Cammie's Mom have in her office?
What color M&M does Cammie eat during the Code Red?
What magazine were the McHenry's on the cover of?
What language did Mr. Solomon use to tell the girls to close their eyes?
How many different places did Mr. Solomon leave fingerprints in the classroom?/ five
What is Cammie's full name?
Cameron Ann Morgan
What book did Patricia Buckingham use to stop the dagger that Joe Solomon threw at her?/ War and Peace
War and Peace
How many girls were in Cammie's Covert Operations class?
What color was the shirt Cammie wore for her first covert operations trip?
What are the false histories given to operatives in deep cover called?
When conducting manual surveillance on a subject in a three-man rotation, the person with visual contact is the?
Who is the person within sight of the eyeball?
the backup
Who is the final person in a three-man rotation?
the reserve
What is Liz's code name?
What is Bex's code name?
What was Josh carrying when Liz and Bex were on top of his roof?
Apple pie
What was the drink that Professor Smith was drinking at the carnival?
Dr. Pepper
What does Cammie say is the name of her cat?
What type of biographies does someone in Josh's family like?
Civil War
In what state is there a top secret boys school?
what is Cammie’s cat name?
What type of M&Ms does Cammie have a weakness for?
What is Cammie's favorite thing to eat when she's sick?
Why do both Cammie and Josh think waffles are better than pancakes even though they come from the same batter?
the texture
Where is the Gallagher Academy?
Roseville, Virginia
In what state did Liz went during summer?
Who usually teaches covert operations?
Professor Buckingham