The author of this book has to _____ you.
She is a surivalist
The blind dogs name is _________.
an exacution is also a ______.
means "rotten eggs" in Spanish
huevos podridos
Cass's substitute grandfathers.
Larry and Wayne
Wayne thought the box was made of this.
On the inside of the box was engraved on a small brass plaque
The Symphony of Smells
All that was left of the magician's body was a few of his _____.
Means 'New Art' in France.
Art Nouveau
A boy named ___-_______ was born prematurely.
_________ is a restaurant that slaughters cows.
A _____ ____ is used to make CHOCOLATE!
Cacao Bean
______ ______ was trying to sell the magicians house.
Gloria Fortune
Max Ernst asked Cass what the magic word was and her first guess was _________.
Gloria told Dr. L and Mrs. Mauvais would be a "________ ______"
striking couple
When two words have all the same letters but in a different order.
A snack Amber is eating. (it's made of cotton candy)
He was a painter and also got kidnapped.
Benjamin Blake
It was a spa that got burned down.
Midnight Sun

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