Hypersensitive or allergic reaction to a substance such as food, medication, insect stings or snake bites.
Damage to heart muscle from heart attack or cardiac arrest
Severe bleeding or loss of blood plasma.
Loss of body fluid from severe vomiting, diarrhea, or a heat illness; disruption in acid-base balance as occurs in diabetes.
Injury and trauma to the brain and spinal chord
Emotional distress such as anger, fear, or grief.
Trauma to respiratory tact; respiratory distress or arrest.
Acute infection
French term; a method of prioritizing treatment.
Immediate care thats given to the victim of an injury or illness to minimize the effect of injury or illness until experts take over.
A clinical set of signs and symptoms associated with an inadequate supply of blood to body organs, especially the brain and heart.
These help you recognize an emergency.
When in an emergency situation, you must first do this.
In an emergency situation, checking for things such as breathing problems, excessive bleeding, or shock is called this.
A serious, unexpected, and dangerous situation requiring immediate action
Abnormal state of lack of response to sensory stimuli resulting from injury, illness, shock, or other disorders.
Injury to the brain due to a violent jar or shock.
All the supplies you need to help someone in an emergency.
First Aid Kit
A disordered psychic or behavioral state resulting from mental or emotional stress or physical injury
The action or manner of treating a patient medically or surgically

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