The division of North and South.
"The Great Compromiser."
Henry Clay
Escaped Slave that was caught in Boston, But was then bought freedom by the people of Boston.
Anthony Burns
Any land aquired from Mexico would be by law, a free state.
Wilmont Proviso
Attack led by John Brown.
Pottawatomie Massacre
a book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe.
Uncle Toms Cabin
He wrote the Liberator and was a leading Abolitionist.
William Lyod Garrison
A series of violent attacks caused by slavery and Political standings.
Bleeding Kansas
The withdrawl of one or more States from America.
First state that seceded after Lincolns election.
South Carolina
The Little Giant.
Stephen Douglas
Enslaved African American who attempted to sue his master.
Dred Scott
Judege for the Dred Scott case of 1857.
Roger B Taney
16th President.
Abraham Lincoln
president elected after the election of 1860.
John C Brekinridege
Man who attacked Charles Sumner at his crimes against Kansas speech.
Preston Brooks
A slave revolt that killed about 60 people led by.
Nat Turner
powerful Abolitionist, he was an adviser to president Lincoln and lent strong support to the women's right movement.
Fredrick Douglass
the only candidate ever nominated for the Know Nothings in a presidential election.
James Buchanan
Act that allowed Kansas to decide for itself if it wanted to be a free or slave state.
KansasNebraska act