a type of shock that is called allergic shock that usually accompanies the ingestion or inhalation of a substance to which a patient is severely allergic?
how many types of shock are there?
what can cause a lot of damage by stopping the flow of blood completely through an extremity?
The lack of oxygen
a state of child birth in which the baby's head is seen ?
swelling caused by blood outside the blood vessel ?
something seen, heard or felt, not the same as a symptom?
injury to eye?
Ocular trauma
of or pertaining to the veins ?
Loss or impairment of a motor function due to injury in part of the body?
a tear or a cut in the flesh ?
Sharp, severe or having rapid onset; usually short course and not chronic?
Type of injury caused by the scraping away of portions of skin?
profuse sweating; a symptom of respiratory distress but can occur for any reason?
abnormal internal/ external discharge of blood?

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