Two ratios that are equal to each other
Favorable outcomes : Unfavorable Outcomes
Odds in favor
A fraction that compares two different quantities
An expression containing a square root
Radical Expression
Where a graph crosses the y-axis
Probability that measures what actually happened in an experiment
Experimental Probability
Outcomes you do not want to happen
A number who's square root is a whole number
Perfect Square
When each input pairs with only one output.
The point that is halfway between two endpoints.
The ratio of favorable outcomes to total possible outcomes
Unfavorable outcomes : Favorable outcomes
Odds Against
Describes parts that match between two different figures
Uses multiplication to determine the total possible number of outcomes
Counting Principle
a^2 + b^2 = c^2
Pythagorean Theorem
The longest side of a right triangle
A ratio that compares two quantities of different units
Outcomes you want to happen

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