This star acted as the role of Alex on Wizards of Waverly Place
Selina Gomaz
This singer has been arrested four times
Justin Bieber
This actor starred as Thomas on The Maze Runner
Dylan O'brian
Her real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly
Iggy Azalea
Started her Career by singing country, but now sings pop
Taylor Swift
Plays on the Cleveland Cavaliers and is number 23
Labron James
Who sings Bang Bang and is a popular rapper
Nicki Manaj
Who turns fifty-eight on August sixteenth
The host of the tonight show with ______ ______
Jimmy Fallon
Married to Jay Z
Acts as the role of Kat in Victorious
Ariana Grande
Is the lead singer in maroon five
Adam Lavigne
He is the only country artist on the voice
Blake Shelton
Is married to Jackie Sandler
Adam Sandler
Real name is Christopher Julious
Chris Rock
Wrote and sang a popular song in despicable me two
Pharrell Williams
Has the longest hair in the band that goes one direction
Harry Styles
Sings poker face
Lady Gaga
Recently got nominated for the academy award for best picture
Brad Pitt

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