The Medical ____ is a required member of the QAA Committee
The Facility _______ identifies the unique population served by the facility
PIPs must include at least _______ a project that focuses on high-risk or problem-prone area identified through data collection and analysis
Facilities should set priorities for performance improvement on high-_____, high-volume or problem prone areas
The DON may act as the designee for the Medical Director for QAA. True or False
The frequency with which QAA meetings must occur
Phase 3 of QAPI implementation requires the addition of an infection _______ to the QAPI committee
Residents and families may participate in QAA, but their participation is not required. True or False
Acronym for iterative four-step improvement method used to change a process, resulting in continuous improvement
A ______miss is a potential harm event that did not reach a resident
An ______ event is untoward, undesirable, and usually unanticipated that causes death or serious injury

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