When the Schlieffen plan failed both sides "dug in" to ______________________ their positions (to regroup and stand their ground)
The average depth (in metres) of trenches (a number)
A narrow strip between the trenches of the allies and their enemies. (three words)
no man's land
This was used in no-man's land to slow down enemy approaches or to keep them out all together. (two words)
barbed wire
The expression used to mean soldiers climbing out of the trenches and across no-man's land fully exposed to attack. (four words)
going over the top
Significant to Canada in part because this battle is known as one of the bloodiest in WWI.
This province lost almost its entire regiment (91%) in one day of attack during the Somme battle.
There were over 55,000 deaths on the first day of this battle.
Canadians were sent to Ypres in 1915 to break the _______________________ (a position in which no side of the war is making any progress).
This poisonous chemical was first used in the battle of Ypres.
This type of gas was used by the Germans in Ypres. Without gas masks Canadians were totally unprotected.
The term given to Canadian and British soldiers who soaked cotton pads in urine to neutralize the chemical attack (by the way - it saved their lives).
This battle represented the "key to breaking the stalemate of the war". Canadians were sent to get the job done by pushing back the Germans.
What German soldiers in the second line of defence did at Vimy Ridge when Canadians stormed "over the top" and took control at Vimy Ridge.
The Canadians may have "won" at Vimy Ridge but almost 4,000 Canadians ______________ doing so.
This group of "Canadians" was first denied recruitment because of Canada's racist views at the time and because of fear that if they were captured they'd be treated horribly.
Aboriginal soldiers proved themselves as excellent __________________________ (term used for "sharp shooters")
The nickname of the Cree Sniper who is credited with 115 "observed kills".
The reason that airplanes were not used used in Canada when the war first started was because they were considered too ___________.
The term for when two enemy planes were involved in head to head battle in the air.
The term used for when one airplane would follow behind its enemy airplane so that they couldn't be attacked.
Pilots were not allowed to take these in their planes because officers thought that when they came under attack in the air they would "abandon ship".
Because the average lifespan of a pilot in the first world war was only a few weeks their planes were often called "flying ______________".
What pilots were called in WWI.
The name of the famous Canadian WWI pilot who shot down 72 enemy planes. (two words)
Billy Bishop
The name of Germany's great flying ace was the Red ____________________. (some claim he shot down 80 planes).
Both sides tried to mount machine guns on their planes but one major problem is that the bullets kept hitting the planes' ____________________________.
Until countries could figure out how to put machine guns on planes they were mostly used for ____________________________ enemy troop movement.
At first pilots from both sides were friendly with each other and would wave at each other in the air. This stopped when pilots started bringing __________ in the air and shooting at each other.
BIlly Bishop was awarded the ___________________ Cross, the "highest award for Bravery under Fire".
The German Navy declared a __________ ________________ (2 words) in the waters to stop supplies from getting to Britain.
War Zone
The name of the Passenger ship that was sunk a German Submarine in 1915.

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