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Sewing Terms Crossword


Fabric between the edge and seam
Wedge shaped fold used to shape patterns
Spindle or cylinder placed on bottom of sewing machine
Used to adjust the needle height
Part that keeps spool in place
Inner layer of fabric underneath a garment
Sewing backwards over the loose threads
Part of machine that holds the fabric steady while sewing
Hand or machine sewing technique used to decorate
Small tool used to remove stitches
Pedal to power your machine
Machine stitch that runs diagonally back and forth
Metal stitch plate that moves up and down
stitching two layers of fabric together with filling in between
Edge of fabric that is folded and sewn under
Fold created by doubling the fabric over itself and stitching together
Sewing by hand or machine long stitches for temporary hold
Built in on sewing machines to cut thread
Put over finger as to not poke finger
Line where two pieces of fabric are sewn together

Ex. Home Ec- End of year crossword Puzzle


The ______________ ________________ on a clothing label must always equal 100%.
The temperature range at which bacteria multiply quickly and can cause foodborne illness.
The ___________________________ on a piece of clothing tells you how to care for your clothes.
We made Fettucine____________________ in class.
Liquid measurements should always be checked at _____________ ________________.
Brown sugar should be __________________ ________ to be considered an accurate measurement.
A guide that tells you how to make a food.
The 2 T's to be mindful of with food safety.
A stitch used to decorate around blankets.
A stitch used to hem your clothing.
The very first knot you make before sewing.
3 teaspoons equal one __________________________________
One cup is equal to how many ounces?
Which ingredient should be stirred and spooned in to a measuring cup?
What should you do to prepare your oven before using it?

Sewing Terms Crossword


used to cut fabric
used to trim seams and threads
used for sewing fabric together by hand
used to hold fabric together before sewing
used to take large measurement and body measurements
used to measure hem and seam allowances
used to give seam edges a finished look
used to remove unwanted stitches
protects your finger while sewing
hold pins and needles safely
guides thread through the needle eye
used with a needle to sew fabric together
hold the thread at the bottom of your sewing machine

Hand Sewing Crossword


Tool that makes it easier to remove stitches along the seam
Used to cut fabric
Used to measure body parts as it is flexible
Measures long, straight distances
Measures short distance, has adjustable slide
Used to cut a zigzag edge to minimize fraying
Small items used in sewing in addition to the main material, like buttons, snaps, etc.
There needs to be a ______ at the end of of the thread to secure stitching.
Protects your finger when hand sewing
Has an eye
Thread comes on one of these
These are used to hold fabric together before the fabric is sewn together either by hand or machine.
Pins and needles should never be placed in your _________.
This item has a handle wand metal wheel with "teeth" that is used for tracing and leaving dotted marks on the material
This waxy coated paper transfers pattern markings onto the fabric
Chalk filled pencil to make temporary marks on fabric
Thin fibers spun together used in the manufacture of textiles and in sewing
Sharpens pins as it has sawdust to do so
Used to hold fabric or patterns/fabric together, closes
Used to manipulate the needle, hold fabric in place, cut thread, write with tailors chalk

sewing terms Crossword

sewing terms Crossword

use to cut zigzags
use to cut fabric
use to cut threads or trim seams
used to rip open seams
used to hold pins
used to hold pieces of fabric together
used to transfer pattern markings to fabric when making a garment
used to transfer markings from pattern to fabric when making a garment
used to measure large flat surfaces
used to sew things
used to sharpen tips of needles and pins
used to protect the middle finger of your sewing hand
used to stitch and make repairs
six inch ruler you can use to mark hems or seam widths
used to take body measurments

sewing equipment review Crossword

sewing equipment review Crossword

used to hold fabric together; has a ball on the top
measure seam allowances and hems
used for safe storage of the pins
used to cut paper
used to hold fabrics together specifically knits
To take body measurements, Measure fabric and Measure pattern pieces
Used to cut fabrics, and thread, bent handle allows fabric to lay flat while cutting
Used to mark patterns onto fabric
Used to transfer pattern mrkings onto fabrics, can be brushed off easily
Used to protect fingers while hand stitching
Used to apply buttons, snaps, mend clothing
A pressing tool helpful in pressing smaller curved seams, like sleeves
A firm round cushion used to press larger curved areas, like darts
used to remove stitches with a small blade
Level sturdy surface used to press fabrics
Used to help individuals thread the needle
Used to mark darts, notches, disappears
Metal appliance used to press and steam fabrics
Used to finish raw edges, helps prevent raveling
True or False? Before sewing, the needle and bobbin threads should be under and behind the presser foot.

Sewing Terms Word Search

Sewing Terms Word Search
Word Search

Marking pencil
Measuring tape
Pinking shears
Seam Allowance
Sewing machine
Ironing board
Tracing wheel
Presser foot
Pin cushion
Seam ripper

Sewing Crossword

Sewing  Crossword

What do we use to sharpen a needle?
Where do we store pins?
What do we use to finish raw edges?
What do we use to take body measurements?
What do we use to measure seam allowances?
What do we use to cut fabric?
What do we use to mark darts and notches?
What do we use to protect your fingers while hand sewing?
What do we use to hold fabric pieces together?
What do we use to cut paper?
What do we use to mark patterns onto fabric?
What do we use to remove stitches?
What is reversing the stitch?
What is flatting a fabric using an iron?
What do you do to get a perfect corner?
what is the distance from the edge of the fabric to the stitchline?
What does the guide sheet contain?
What is the straight arrow n a pattern?
What do we use to match garment pieces and seams?
What is the broken line on patterns?

Sewing Lab Safety Rules/ Sewing Vocabulary. Crossword

Sewing Lab Safety Rules/ Sewing Vocabulary. Crossword

Takes out stitches.
Somewhere to put pins when they are not being used.
Used to hold thread in the bottom of the sewing machine.
Tool used for cutting.
Has a small hole at one end and a sharp point at the other.
A long fabric ruler.
Uses in needles to stitch fabric together.
Used to hold the pattern pieces onto fabric and to hold fabric pieces together before sewing.
Has a flat side at one end and a sharp point with a hole at the other end.
Stitches used to hand sew.
Stitches used to hand sew.
Stitches used to hand sew.

Sewing Terms Crossword

Sewing Terms Crossword

Comes on a spool and goes in the needle
Lower machine thread storage
Sewing material
Tool to open a seam
The thread goes into the...
A sewn line joining 2 pieces of fabric
Small scissors for quick thread cuts
Tool for measuring
Tool for storing needles and pins
Round cutting tool
Finger Protection while hand sewing
A side to side stitch