A term that describes a former slave who was released from slavery.
Amendment that abolished slavery.
Amendment that assured the rights of anyone, including African Americans, who were born in America.
This system of agriculture eventually led to legal slavery. his is when a tenant could use land in exchange for a portion of the crop harvested.
This Amendment gave African Americans the right to vote.
Northern whites who moved to the South and served as republican leaders during reconstruction for profit. Usually carried there belongings in a carpet bag.
Southern whites who supported republican policy throughout reconstruction.
To kill by hanging without due process of the law.
To attempt to take a president out of office for high crimes. would be to ______ him/her.
Laws designed to enforce segregation of blacks from whites.
Jim Crow Laws
Vice President to Lincoln; President after Lincoln's assassination.
Presidential power to keep congress from passing a law. President Johnson did this the most, using this power twenty-nine times.
A clan started by ex confederate soldiers that used violence to try to restore democratic control to the South, and to keep white supremacy.
Ku Klux Klan
Financial panic during Grant’s presidency which caused a market crash and many banks to close down.
Panic of 1873
President after Johnson; Union general; Often refered to as a "Great General, Lousy President".
A set of laws limiting the rights of freedmen in the South.
Black Codes
A social system used to keep blacks separate from whites.
The period after the Civil War in which the South was rebuilt and reorganized before being readmitted to the Union.
Act/Law passed in 1866 intended to protect the right of African American. This act was vetoed by Johnson, but still passed by Congress.
Civil Rights Act
An agency set of to aid former slaves in adjusting themselves to freedom. It provided food, clothing and work for them.

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