An _________ __________ test performed by the occupational hygienest can determine whether there are toxins in the air.
air- quality
Employees must be mask fit tested with an N95_____________ every 24 months.
Employees visit ___________ Health and Safety Services (CHSS) when an injury occurs while at work.
Immediate and confidential mental health support is available from your _________ Assistance Provider (EAP).
The new Safety and Learning system is used for ____________ reporting and risk management, infection surveillance, root cause analysis and claim management.
Employers and employees make up the Joint Health and Safety _________ (JHSC) which helps promote health, safety and wellness in the workplace.
Examples of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) include strains, ___________ tunnel, and back pain.
The Workplace ____________ Prevention and Management Program includes policies and procedures aimed at protecting staff from workplace violence and harassment.
The Disability Case ____________________s (DCC) assist both managers and staff return to regular work when injury or illness disrupts normal work routine.
To prevent slips, trips and _______: take your time, pay attention to where you are going, keep walkways clear of clutter and obstructions.

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