to take in and make part of itself(i.e., bones take in and store calcium and other mineral)
one that follows the USDA's Food Guide in order to provide all the nutrients needed to maintain growth and good health and continuously repair damaged tissues
balanced diet
any of the hard, living tissue forming the skeleton
a term used to define a lifetime commitment to taking care of your bones
bone health
the strength and solidity of the bone; peak bone mass is bone at its strongest, most solid, most dense
Bone mass
the process in which old bone is broken down and new bone is formed
Bone remodeling
a mineral needed to build strong bones and teeth and essential for good health
SERIOUS AND SOMETIMES fatal disease in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin, which is needed to convert sugars and starches into energy
an abnormal relationship with food like anorexia and bulimia;can lead to loss of bone mass
Eating disorders
foods that contain a lot of calories but are low in nutrients
Empty calories
systematically raising the heart rate and maintaining it there for a predetermined number of minutes
exercises in which your bones and muscles work against gravity; any exercise in which your feet and legs are bearing your weight; most important for building and retaining strong bones
healthy , in good physical condition
the addition of nutrients to foods during the processing; anything fortified with a nutrient has extra amounts of nutrient
to keep from happening; make impossible by prior action
a major body system made of a skeleton consisting of 206 bones; the skeletal system gives the body shape, provides places for the muscles to attach allowing movement, provides protection for major organs, helps manufacture blood, and absorbs and stores important minerals.
Skeletal System
the vitamin necessary in order to absorb calcium
Vitamin D
the term used to describe a variety of heart disorders like high blood pressure, blocked arteries, heart failure, and heart attack
Heart disease
a major body system involving around 600 muscles; muscles attach to bones across joints, giving the body the ability to move and bend
Muscular system
the science or study of proper diet
a condition that occurs when a person’s weight is in the unhealthy range for their height resulting in heart disease, diabetes, stroke, ect.
porous bone; a disease characterized by loss of tissue from bone, causing it to become brittle and easily fractured
active use of the body in order to make it stronger and/or healthier

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