Philip Pirrip, narrator of the story
Pip's abusive sister who has raised him since the death of their parents
Mrs. Joe
blacksmith, married to Mrs. Joe
clerk of the church, moved to London to become an actor
Mr. Wopsle
Joe's uncle, sets up the meeting between Pip and Miss Havisham
Mr. Pumblechook
helps to give Pip an education, later helps take care of Mrs. Joe
a girl raised by Miss Havisham to break boys' hearts, Pip is in love with her
adopted Estella, encourages her to break boys' hearts including Pip's heart, jilted on her wedding day
Miss Havisham
Pip's tutor who is also Havisham's cousin
Matthew Pocket
likes Biddy, is believed to have hurt Mrs. Joe
hired by Pip's benefactor to be his guardian, lawyer
Mr. Jaggers
Jagger's clerk, lives in a castle
son of Matthew Pocket, fought Pip when they were young, becomes best friends with Pip
Herbert Pocket
Havisham's brother who wanted her money
one of Matthew Pocket's students, wishes to marry Estella
Bentley Drummle
Wemmick's father who is hard of hearing
The Aged
a widow with whom Estella lives with, a friend of Havishams, has a daughter
Mrs. Brambley
the convict Pip helped when he was little, Pip's benefactor, goes by the name Uncle Provis
Abel Magwitch
jilted Havisham on her wedding day, partnered with Magwitch in crime twenty years ago