area of the retina densely packed with cones where images are focused
fovea centralis
sensory receptors from the retina form this, which takes impulses to the brain
optic nerve
area of the eye where the optic nerve attaches
blind spot
lens of the eye is cloudy
fluid pressure builds up in the eye
directs sound waves to the pympanic membrane
auditory canal
membrane that vibrates to carry sound waves to the bones
tympanic membrane
malleus, incus, and stapes
functions in gravitational equilibrium
functions in rotational equilibrium
semicircular canals
part of the inner ear that converts vibrations into nerve impulses
the sense organ containing hairs for hearing
spiral organ
occurs when the lens changes shape to focus light on the retina and form an image
visual accommodation
clear fluid in the anterior compartment of the eye
aqueous humor
gelatinous material in the posterior compartment of the eye
vitreous humor

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