Summer Olympic Games Crossword

What country hosted the first summer games
What is the highest level of medal an athlete can recieve?
Played with a net usually on sand
Medal given to athletes that come in second place
Played with rackets and a net
Matches are played inside of a ring, gloves are worn
These five things represent the symbol of the Olympics
This is lit at the opening ceremony and carried around the city
This was the city where the first games took place
Sport preformed on a bike
Sport preformed in water
Medal given to athletes completing in third place
Instrument used in archery
Race equalling 26.2 miles
Where is the olympic torch lit
Competition used to see who can lift more weight
Played with swords
This game is played with a club and ball
This sport judges you on falling from high points
In this sport you make moves with paddles

olympic games Crossword

olympic games  Crossword

where were the first olympics held?
where were the olympic games held in 2000?
which athlete has the most olympics medals?
which country won the most medals at the Rio Olympics?
How old do you have to be to enter in the Olympics?
how many medals did New Zealand get at the Rio Olympics?
where is the Olympic torch lit?
what event did Eddie the eagle participate in the 1988 Calgary Olympics?
how long do the olympics go on for
what is the most popular Olympic sport?

Olympic Fun Crossword

Olympic Fun Crossword

What is the leading international sporting event featuring summer and winter sports competitors?
The Olympic games are held every __ years.
The creation of the ancient Olympic games were held in Olympia, __.
The __ Olympic games include competitions on ice and other winter sports.
The __ Olympic games are designed for teenage athletes.
Who was the first to call the games "Olympic"?
The Olympics __ Zeus and Pelopes.
What city was the 2012 Olympics held?
What country won the most medals in the 2012 Olympics?
__ is an Olympic sport that didn't begin until 2016.
In 2016, the Olympic games were held in what city in Brazil?
How many nations participated in the 2016 Olympic games?
Who officially opened the 2016 Olympic games?
Who has won the most Olympic medals?
One of the 5 gymnast who won Gold in the 2012 Olympics.
Reigning world champion in track and field.
What country won the most medals in wrestling at the 2016 Olympic games?
Baseball and __ were dropped from the Olympic games at one point in history.
How may Olympic sports were held in the very first Olympic games?
There are how many Olympic rings?

Olympic Word Search

Olympic Word Search
Word Search

Synchronised Swimming
Cycling Mountain Bike
Rhythmic Gymnastics
Modern Pentathlon
Marathon Swimming
Beach Volleyball
Cycling Track
Table Tennis
Rugby Sevens
Field Hockey
Cycling Road
Canoe Sprint
Canoe Slalom
Cycling BMX
Water Polo

Tennis, anyone? Crossword

Tennis, anyone? Crossword

This is the court surface for the French Open
A ball served in bounds and untouched by the opponent's racket
Relates to the act of winning a game in which the opponent served
This is the court surface for Wimbledon
When the server has served to two serves out of bounds on the same point
A point that is played over due to some sort of interference
A serve that touches the net tape and falls into the proper square and is served over
The next point won after the score is "deuce"
Term for when the score is 40/40
The person credited for introducing tennis to the U.S.
Illegal foot movement before a service
A serve that lands out of bounds or is not served properly
Scoring term when a player wins 4 points before opponent with a min. 2 point lead
The act of hitting balls back and forth over net - Includes all shots but the serve
Scoring term: The first player to win 6 games with a min. 2-game lead
Second cue/phase of the FH/BH Volley
A ball hit sufficiently high to pass over the outstretched arm position of the net player
To hit the ball in the air before it has bounced on the court
The major tennis tournament played in New York

Les Sports Crossword

Les Sports  Crossword

to play this you need a racket and a net
To play this you need a stick and a ball
A goalie is needed for this sport
In this activity there are many sports to do within it
Cartwheels and handstands are practiced in this activity
Water is necessary in this activity
There are many different styles you can do in this activity
For this sport you will need an bat, ball and table
you need special types of shoes for this activity
You have to "fight" in this activity
This sport is mostly played in the European country's
You will need an animal for this activity
The first word is mountain
Similar to football but a little more rougher

Tennis crossword puzzle

Tennis crossword puzzle

Not a loser but a ______
Tournament played in England and on grass
Hit out of the air
Tournament played in New York and on a hard court
Makes you consistent
Best sport ever!!
Not doubles but....
Six games is equal to a ___
What shot you start the point with
What you use to hit the ball
Four of these equals one game
What the ball goes over
Game,set, _____
Another word for zero when calling our the score
The ball is in if it hits the ____
When your serve hits the net and still goes in
Backhand or a forehand are ___________
The part of the racket you hold on to
Tennis is ___
Major tournament played on clay or dirt
Not a backhand but a ________
Two people playing against two people
When the score is 40 all
The bottom of the racket
What your kiss after you swing
The line you recover to
Two Handed ________
Not the Deuce side but the __ side
When your opponent can't touch your serve

Olympic Crossword Puzzle

Olympic Crossword Puzzle

Where many games take place
One of the colors of the Olympics Flag's rings
The metal used in the second place medal
This holds the flame
Tennis and Diving occur during these Olympics
The metal used in the first place medal
The metal used in the third place metal
Highest, fastest or farthest ever
City of 2000 summer Olympics
City of 1900 Summer Olympics
One of the five major regions of the world represented by the five Olympic rings
A winter sport
An event where athletes throw a flat circle

Chapter 3 vocabulary Crossword

Chapter 3 vocabulary Crossword

International committee to plan the olympic games and oversees issues and decisions relating to the Olympic Games
Brainchild of linking athletes to corporations and was Founder of International Management Group
Named sports Illustrated "Sportswoman of the Year" in 1972. Defeated Bobby Riggs in a tennis match after he said no woman could defeat him in tennis
ancient Olympics founded by the son of the Greek God Zeus
Weekly television show that brought unusual sporting events into homes exposing sports like cliff diving, wrist wrestling and world figure skating
Marketing activities designed to satisfy the needs and wants of sport consumers
A person who has the will and ability to play a sport and earn an income from that sport is said to be a
non profit organization to encourage children to explore sports that they may not otherwise have an opportunity to play
Olympic styled games for athletes with disabilities were organized for the first time in Rome in the 1960's
Bans the gender discrimination in schools that receive feneral funds
National organization that governs college athletes and oversees important decisions pertaining to athletes
Any type of athlete that doesn't get paid to play a sport
Sports that involve non-traditional daring methods of athletic competition

Table Tennis Crossword

Table Tennis Crossword

Table tennis likely began as a social hobby in this country.
Early pioneers may have referred to table tennis as?
If the serve is legal except it touches the net, it is called a?
The period during which the ball is in play?
A rally of which the result is not scored
A rally of which the result is scored?
The hand carrying the racket
The hand not carrying the racket.
If a player or anything a player wears or carries touches the ball in play.
The player due to strike the ball first in a rally.
The player due to strike the ball second in a rally.
The person appointed to control a match.
Shall be regarded as extending indefinitely in both directions.
They dominated the sport for much of the 50's and 60's
The ball should be this color.
A modern table is 9 ft.
A modern table is 5 ft.
The ____________ is 6 inches high.
Each player serves _________ points in a row.
Table tennis became an _______________ event in the 1980's.

The Summer Olympics Crossword

The Summer Olympics Crossword

Used for the flame during the Olympic ceremonies.
Is a symbol for the five continents and the unity between them.
The arena where the games are held.
The ancient Greeks dedicated the Olympics to ______
The Olympics occur every_____years.
Which country has received the most gold medals (since 1896)
Country were Usain Bolt is from.
During the Olympics the athletes live in the Olympic______
What the top three winners of each event receive.
An Olympic event containing three events.
The metal used in the second place medals
The metal used in the first place medals
The metal used in the third place medals.
American swimmer with the most Olympic medals.
The 2020 Olympics will be held in_______
Where were the 2016 Summer Olympics held?
This sport is what made Tiger Woods famous.
This sport involves fighting with long thin swords.
The beginning of the Olympics.
An American gymnast who won the vault and the floor in the 2016 Olympics in Rio
This event involves a small ball and a table.
This event is mostly played at the beach.
Americans call it soccer.
An event that includes four runners with a baton.