A country in Africa that used to be ruled by the pharaohs
In a poem the words at the end of a line often ____________
This word rhymes with 'history' and is hard to explain
People work out here to get fit
A traditional story from history. Often features ancient gods and monsters
A tomb built by the ancient Egyptians
People who live in Egypt
the beat of the music
A baby swan
2 large round metal musical instruments that are bashed together to make a loud crashing sound
The state capital city of New South Wales in Australia
a line of _______________ can be drawn down the middle of a butterfly because the 2 sides are mirror images of each other
2 words that have the same meaning e.g. shut and close
Golden _______________ is very yummy on pancakes
This is attached to a needle and used by a nurse or doctor to take blood from a person
The number of beats in a word. The words poem, hectic and hello all have 2.

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