Son of God and born of the Blessed Mary Ever-Virgin
The creator of heaven and earth - all things visible and invisible
The place Catholics believe they will go to after death
The first Sacrament of initiation into the Catholic Church
The changing of wine and bread into the Body and Blood of Christ
Holy Communion
You receive The Holy Spirit through this sacrament of initiation.
Has seven gifts and is in the form of tongues of Fire
Holy Spirit
The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are known as:
The Holy Trinity
The Religious Union between a MAN and WOMAN
Inspired document revealed by God to us
The Leader of the Catholic Church
What God gave to Moses and what Catholics live their life by
The Ten Commandments
When we return to God after sin.
The Blessed Virgin Mother and First Saint
Jesus is both God and...
To rise from the dead
A visible sign through which we share God's grace. There are seven...
When turn away from God
The core Catholic Beliefs are in this Prayer...
The Nicene Creed
The gift of God for our salvation
The place where we go to Worship God
The Ruler who crucified the Son of God
Pontius Pilate
According to the Scriptures, Jesus rose on the ... day
Also means "I believe"
After His resurrection, Jesus was seated at the ... hand of God.

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