When Courtney didn’t get what she wanted, she threw a temper-tantrum. Gosh, she’s such a ___________________.
She was laying at home in bed with the flu, looking ____________.
The man noticed that his forehead was gradually getting bigger. Then, he realized that his hairline was beginning to ______________ as he aged.
Most of things Courtney says are____________, they have no purpose whatsoever!
One would say that Martin Luther King Jr. was a _______________ because of all of the changes he made to something he was passionate about.
Kelsey looked at her empty cup. “Yuck!” she thought, look at all the _______________ I left behind, it’s all backwash!
In health class, they teach you things to try and ______________ you from smoking, like showing you lungs of a smoker and lungs of a healthy non-smoker.
Superman doesn’t have any ____________ because he is perfect.
Some people might say that school is _________________, but others enjoy it and love to come to school.
Instead of saying shut up, the teacher decided to use a(n) ________________: be quiet, please.
Albert Einstein is a _______________ figure because of his wisdom and characteristics.
Kelsey decided that she wanted to try soccer, though she never has before. On her team, you could tell that she was a ___________ compared to all of the skilled players.
The girls stared in awe, at the ________________ Statue of Liberty. It is 305 feet tall!
The students were full of ________, as they whooped and hollered after the final bell on the last day of school.
The light blue walls of her room were ______________, but the bright green walls of her sister’s room were cheerful.
The jeweler was trying to sell me a watch for $300, but the sign in front of it said 30% off. We _____________ for at least 20 minutes before he gave it to me for 15% off.
Stephanie is so _____________, she sings and dances during class all of the time and she has no shame in doing so.
Nik Wallenda, a type-rope walker, does ______________ acts like walking across Niagara Falls considering how dangerous it is.
As soon as Brian came home from school, he entered a state of ____________ because he had worked hard all day.
When Mark put paper into the fire, it ______________ well.
Kelsey and her mom were at the store and Kelsey asked if she could get jelly beans. When her mom said no, Kelsey __________ on the floor until her mom told her that if she didn’t get up she would be grounded.
While Lauren was practicing her violin, she was getting louder, then softer, then louder etc. Her little brother asked her what that was called and she responded “A _______________ and a decrescendo.”
Eeyore from Whinnie The Pooh is a noticeably _________ character because of how gloomy he looks.
Ally had been going to the same supermarket for 10 years. One day she was admiring the apples that she always buys for $0.99 each. She grabbed 4 like she always does and glanced at the price. “$1.50 for an apple!? This price ____________ is an outrage!
Courtney felt that she should not __________ the fact that she is secretly a seahorse because she thought that she would be made fun of.