The visit by the angel Gabriel announcing to Mary that she would be the Mother of the Savior.
The Church dogma that teaches that the Blessed Mother, because of her unique role as the Mother of God, was taken directly to Heaven when her earthly life was over.
Seeing God face-to-face in Heaven. This is the source of eternal happiness and the final union with the Triune God for all eternity.
Beatific Vision
A traditional designation given to theologians of the first 8 centuries. Their teachings made a lasting mark on the Church.
Church Fathers
The 9 armed expedition by Christians that were intended to drive the Muslims our of the Holy Land.
Also known as Yom Kippur. The holiest day of the year for the Jewish people.
Day of Atonement
A church writer great learning and holiness whose works the Church has highly recommended for studying and living the faith.
Doctor of the Church
Another name for the Christian Family.
Domestic Church
They are vows of personal poverty, obedience to a bishop or the the superior of the religion, and chastity understood as a lifelong celibacy.
Evangelical counsels
The belief that the Virgin Mary was conceived without Original Sin.
Immaculate Conception
A Church tribunal established in the 13th century that was designed to curb heretical teachings and beliefs.
A prayer of petition for the sake of others.
Also know as the Divine Office, it is a prayer of the church.
Liturgy of the Hours
A serious violation of God's law of love that results in the loss of sanctifying grace within the soul of the sinner.
Mortal Sin
A 9 day prayers for a certain intention.
A sacred sign that resembles the sacraments.
The grace of the Holy Spirit, that were given by Christ and that is proper to each sacrament.
Sacramental Graces
The return of Christ to earth at the Last Judgement.
Second Coming
A trait of God that refers to his otherness and being infinitely beyond and independent of creation.
The destiny we have in this life and in the hereafter.
The priesthood of all the baptized. This is where we share in Christ's work of Salvation.

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