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Clue 1: Use the first letter from each answer to find the location. Crossword


How old will Oriana be?
What is another event that is celebrated on Oriana's Birthday
What month was the birthday girl born in?
In what month did Oriana have her first dermatologist treatment?
What is the birthday girls sister's name?
What day does Oriana's Birthday fall on?
Who is the dinosaur in Oriana's favorite show?
What is the birthday girls name?
Who choose Oriana's name?
Oriana's had her first birthday in?
Oriana is an eager and enthusiastic little girl. Another word for this is?
Alessia likens Oriana to another famous sister from her favorite movie?
Oriana was supposed to be born in which month?
One of Oriana's favorite things to do is?
Which character was on Oriana's 2nd Birthday Cake?

Yellow Grop Crossword

Yellow Grop Crossword

to smile widely
brought, brought
fall or let fall in drops; shed drops; N: action or sound of falling in drops; liquid that falls in drops
to broil over hot coals or to fry on a griddle
an action that is meant to deceive someone
to take a liquid into your mouth and swallow it
a block of hard material used in building
a bed with high sides for a baby
after second
a piece of clothing for the upper body that has sleeves and usually a collar and buttons down the front
any substance that makes something dirty, for example dust, soil or
bird An endothermic vertebrate that is covered in feathers, breathes through lungs and lays hard-shelled eggs
to lie along the edge of; to pass nearby or around, rather than through
female child
to give someone a job
king the jungle

joyeux anniversaire! Crossword

joyeux anniversaire! Crossword

Pop a bottle?
Bitter ending?
Fortified wine
French ivory
Patisserie sandwich cookies
Salad with tuna, potato, and egg
Steamed bao ____.
A Sphincter Says_____?
Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life + 1
Song of the Day
Tipsy tower
20th rione of Rome
Anise-flavored liqueur
Thirsty in France
An appetite arousal
Year of your birth, old style
Hello and goodbye
Capital of France
Suns out, ____ out.

Ruby's Birthday Crossword


Your name
What type of animcal is Willow?
Your birthday is near Halloween. Halloween is very _____
Which month is your birthday month?
What do you recieve on your birthday?
How old are you?
What day of the week is your birthday this year?
An anagram for your name. Willow does this with her bones
Dont forget to blow out the candles on your_____
Your school is called Matilda ______
Your birthday happens once every _____
What is the name of your biggest Teddy?
What is your Roblox character called?
What instrument do you play?
What is your surname?

Just for You Crossword


cousin; incognito
70's leg wear
Unchained Melody dance partner
Ruffle's Snack companion
Formerly, Saigon
Seniors' Junior
Last Grand
Family Vaca Local
My only son's song
Creator of this crossword
My first baby
My go to chocolate candy
Favorite Italian Pie Makers
Wed Month
AKA Charlie Brown; reluctantly
Dorothy's Special Sauce
70's socks
Lil' Seester
Big Sis, for short
Childhood pet; most preferred by parents
2nd Grand Girl; for short
unfair; jumbled
Point on the Golden Girls front door
Local Crossword source
You; Aka
Favorite fishy side dish
70's version of selfies; provider
Clydesdale Ale
4077th Members
aka Sarah Lee
Father and Brother first
Birthday Companion
Milk's Favorite Partner
Branch for Rick
Favorite Musical
Road where basement bar was built
Orange finger snack
Route 18 Track
"you're gonna need a bigger boat" movie
Brookpark Hangout
70's music fad
First labor State
Dad; aka
stayin alive artist
What is your function?
Delete button of the 70's
First Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
NY farm owner of Woodstock
Beatles first single
Lisa first cake design
First Grand Girl
number of children
Searsdale's Tavern
yogurt preference
Family Pet Canine
Christmas Story poke danger
kids eye color, all 3
Formally, Indians
Fathers look a like

Abby's Anagram Antics Crossword


Our Book
Monica: "Three letter word. Not Dog...."
Joey's 6 letter word for red
The correct 6 letter word for red
In Ojo Banojo, what card category does the Jack represent?
When we all get together, what topic do we usually get on to?
What is my full name?
What is usually on the front of our birthday cards to each other?
What month do I get married in?
Quickly becoming our girl groups favourite type of lunch!
What food shouldn't go with a bacon butty?
A creepy film with doppelgängers
One of your favourites (snack)

All the Who's in Whoville Crossword


Barney's Boss
Foghorn Leghorn Lady
The first name of the original Wonder Woman
A Rose Is Still a Rose
Passed the Test
Thee Stallion
First Name of a Teenage Girl Detective
Of Sunshine
Means Suspicious and Wary
Cooking Wine
Famous Cowboy Move Stars Nickname
Old School Retail Clothing Store
Dandy with the Computers
She has a song written after her
By trade she calls and visits
Night and
Joy to the World
Ike's Ex
He Stole Christmas
Has Two First Names
We landed on Plymouth Rock
Sarandon, what is my first name
Has her own talk show
Is great with numbers
My name is spelled with a K
A piece of cake
Be Kind
One of two

Troublemaker Words Word Search

Word Search


2021 Braun Christmas Crossword


Loves BYU football, weekends and the temple.
Does taxes at KPMG. Hasn't gone to jail... yet.
Loves Kayaking, teaching in Kenya with Days for Girls.
Writes surveys at Qualtrics. Hasn't been fired... yet.
Poops and Crawls. No timeouts... yet.
Nuclear operator. Still not glowing. Hunts a lot... maybe too much.
Keeping up with her boys and Color Street nail polish.
Constantly on the go, exploring new things.
Happiest baby! He's on the move, rolling around.
Making websites for fun and profit. Newest developer at Formidable.
Whiteboards @lunchlesson. Blog-hollybraun.com. Always teaching/learning.
Her family's artistic director and cellist.
Subscribe to thepeterhero3 Minecraft Channel. (Coming 2025)
Trick shot dude.
Loves Kindergarten, bunnies, baths, books, Dogman.
Famous quote: "Mom, I stiw wuv you."
No sleep, no mess. Three kids under 5 is the best.
Inventor, momma's helper, Dino rancher.
Professional dinosaur impersonator.
Patient, snuggly, therapy baby. Only complains from 10pm-6am.
New director of Technical Accounting at Ancestry. Daddy dino impersonator.
Goal: A marathon per state. #21done
Work and Littles... diving into the fray... #running all day.
Letters, number and learning; a busy little guy. #overachiever
My favorite toys are my toes. #2ndchildwoes
Almost dropped out of BYUI again.
Doesn't know what free time is anymore. Engineering at BYUI.
The Grow-A Tadpole kit from Aunt Holly became...
Our wish for you

It's all about... Shakespeare Crossword


Number of siblings
Name of Shakespeare's wife
Where was Shakespeare born?
what theater did he help build?
another word for poems
the shape of the new theater he helped build
who played a woman's part in Shakespeare's play?
Complete the title of this famous Shakespeare play:Romeo and -----
the number of plays he wrote
the name of the disease that killed thousands of people in 1593
Shakespeare's job before he started writing
Shakespear's work is still ------- today
Shakespeare's father made ------
Name of Shakespeare's son
What was Shakespeare's first name?