Tendency for memory of info to be improved if another memory is associated with it
Encoding Specificity
memory retrieval that is "pulled" with few external cues
Ability to match a piece of info or stimulus to a stored image or fact
Tendency to remember beginning and end of memories better than middle
Serial Position
Tendency to remember info at beginning than everything that follows
Tendency to remember things at end of body better than the beginning
Error of recognition in which people think they recognize some stimulus that is not actually in memory
False Positive
Conscious process of entering info into LTM
Effortful encoding
Tendency of certain kinds of info to enter LTM with little or no effortful encoding
Automatic Encoding
Type of automatic encoding that occurs because of strong emotional associations
Flashbulb Memory
A strategy or trick for aiding memory
Stimulus for remembering
Retrieval Cue