Domestic and International Airports Crossword

Type: Crossword
Category: Air Travel

Which country is the worlds busiest airport located in? USA
A location with either paved, dirt, grass or gravel runways for aircraft o take-off and/or land. Airport
How long is the worlds longest runway? 5500m
In which country is the worlds longest runway located? China
Where was the first international airport opened? South London
Which airport serves the most international destinations? Frankfurt Airport
When an unauthorized aircraft, veichle or person is on a runway. Runway Incursion
What is ATC Air Traffic Control
Once passengers are through immigration and security, they are now on...? Airside
Public area of the airport Landside
What is a CSO Customer service officer
Which airline is SQ Singapore Airlines
How many International airports are there in NZ Seven
How many donestic Airports are there in NZ? Fifteen
Part of an aircraft that is used as a fuel tank. Wings
What is the airport code for Dunedin International Airport DUD
How far is Auckland City from the Auckland Airport 20 Kilometers
How many hours a day does Auckland Airport operate? 24 hours
How many air bridges does Auckland airport have ? 22
How many chheck in desks are there in the Auckland airport ? 119


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What is a location with either paved, dirt or gravel runways for aircraft to take off and/or land? AIRPORT
Where is the world's busiest airport located? unitedstatesofamericA
heavier air crafts require _________ runways longer
Where is the longest runway in the world? china
What is the 3-letter code for Queenstown? ZQN
it is only available to those passengers who are travelling airside
areas accessible by both travelers and non-travelers landside
What is the facility offered only to departing and arriving international travelers? dutyfree
NZ airports 30 year plan includes an _____________ trainstation underground
What is the 3-letter code for Hong Kong HKK
Facility for those who would like to pray before their flight chapel
How long does the airport operate for? 24hours
Name one thing you would need for an international flight to present to a CSO? eticket
_______ aviation is the company which staffs employees for check in menzies
Air ________ Control traffic
__________ operates 7 days a week and mostly between 4am and 11pm smartecarte
What is the 3 letter code for Hamilton? HLZ
Distance between auckland city and the auckland airport 20km
Which aircraft is being used for the 9:45pm flight from NZ to LAX? Boeing744

domestic and international airport crossword


what is the city code for hokitika? HKK
how far is auckland city to auckland international airport? twenty kilometres
how many runways are thier in the auckland international airport? theres two but only one is used
have a passport and________ boarding pass
have been through passport control and_________ screening
what does CSO stand for? customer service officer
how many check in desks? one hundred and nineteen
three letter code for blenheim? BHE
how long does the airport operates for? twentyfour hours
air_______ control traffic
which do you think you would charge more, short or long term? short term
which one would be furthur away from the airport? long term parking
name one facilities on airside? duty free
if you are bleeding and bruised where should you go to? first aid
there is koru lounge and _________ strata lounge

airports & whateva Crossword


ATC airtrafficcontrol
if you are a passenger, regulations in order for you to access facilities air side are: have been through passport control and _____ screening
if you are an employee at the airport working for an airline or operating air side you must be wearing their CAA/Airline/_____ identity card aviation
what is the 3 letter code for Hong Kong? HKG
one of the 3 things you will need to present to a CSO passport
who is able to access land side facilities? anyone
how long is an airport operating for? 24hours
sue wants some fast food - where could she go? burgerking
have a passport and ________ boardingpass
____free duty
a quiet place for travelers to pray in chapel
_______and domestic terminal international
___city hub
longest runway in the world is ____? CHina
the world's widest paved runway is in_____? russia

Domestic & International Airports Crossword


Where can you buy Vitamins at the airport? TravelPharm
________ service officer. Customer
The opposite of Landside? Airside
What is the current Aviation Security Service? AVSEC
Is Rotoruas Airport domestic or International? International
Who can access Landside facilities? Anyone
What is PPQ? Kapiti Coast
How many runways does Auckland Airport have? Two
What is the city for the code OOL? Coolangatta
True or false? Domestic passengers go through customs if they are from a different country. False
Where can customers pray? Chapel
Where can you store alcohol you've purchased outside of duty-free? Checkin Bag
What is Americas version of AVSEC? TSA
True or false? you can bring liquids brought from duty free onto a plane. True
Electronic system that aids pilots when landing. Glide Scope
What breed of dogs are best for customs? Labradors
The fastest and safest way to evacuate passengers from a plane. Rescuestair
What airline has the code EK? Emirates
What is the phonetic word for the letter N? November
What is the term for a minor who is travelling alone? Unaccompanied

Air Transportation Crossword


The current president and executive officer of Air Canada CalinRovinescu
Founded in 1939, provides scheduled air transport for passengers and cargo to 182 destinations AirCanada
a shortest commercial flight that is located in Scottish airline Longair
The best-rated airline Emirates
Generally known as the largest airline in the world, it is also the heaviest aircraft ever Antonov
An airline that has two words the first starts with a B and the other starts with A. logo uses blue, white and red BritishAirways
The recently found airport AucklandAirport
Where did the biggest airplane collision on a runway take place LosRodeosAirport
The largest German airline and largest airline in Europe Lufthansa
With Robin Hayes a CEO, and the 6th largest airline in the United States JetBlue
The third-largest airline by revenue UnitedAirlines
carries more international passengers than other airlines Ryanair
the termination of operations of the original Sri Lankan flag carrier . . . Air Ceylon

Airport Crossword


A flight that leaves a country and lands in the same country Domestic
A flight that leaves a country and lands in another country International
A place to buy cheap alcohol Dutyfree
Used to get to the plane airbridge
Another word for baggage Luggage
You need this to get out of the country passport
You need this in some countries to get into that country visa
Your checked luggage is taken and you are given your boarding pass checkin
Only passengers are allowed here airside
Public area anyone can be here landside
Carry on luggage is scanned and you are put through screening security
Is the main controller of the plane inflight pilot
Serves you while inflight flightattendant
Different name for type of money currency
Name of airline with the code QF qantas
Planes use this to get to the runway taxiway
Place where you wait before boarding your plane lounge
Show this to staff before getting on to your plane boardingpass
Strip of concrete used to takeoff runway
Building where all people and passengers are processed terminal

World Geography Crossword


The exact latitude and longitude at which a place is found absolute location
High flat plains where the Andes are widest altiplanos
Located in south Ameria and drains the Amazon Basins amazon river
Mountain range running along the western edge of South America, world's longest mountain range andes
Latin American forces were led across the Andes to win independence for Chile and Peru argentinain dependendance
Dense continuous layer of leaves canopy
The Atacama desert is one of the ______ places in the world driest
A community of plants and animals that depends upon one another and heir surrounding ecosystem
An ____ is a place where a tide meets a river current estuary
Caused by hot weather and lack of rain making grass and wood dry forest fire
A _____ is a cowhand that rid the pampas herding livestock guacho
The pampas consist primarily of ______ grasslands
Cultural geography, studies human activities and their relationship to the environment human geography
Provided by navigable rivers hydroelectric power
Made up by oceans rivers lakes and other bodies of water hydrosphere
Led by Miguel Hidalgo mexican independance
Important waterway that cuts through the isthmus of Panama panama canal
Focuses on the study of earth's physical features physical geography
Occurs when large masses of rock are broken down into smaller pieces physical weathering
Lies between sea level and 2,500 feet tierra cailiente
Potatoes and barley grow at these elevations tierra fria
He southernmost latitude to receive the sun's direct rays tropic of capricorn
The Mato Grosso plateau is part of the ____ of South America valleys
A plateau formed from Hills and lower flatland in Argentina patagonia
Mountain range that many of the Caribbean islands are part of central highlands
Where plates have collided for millions of years pacific ring of fire
Parallel mountain ranges cordilleras
Haiti won its independence from France haitian revolt
Describe a lace's location in relation to another place relative location
a common phrase said at the end of a story the end

Three Branches of Government Crossword


There are how many justices on the Supreme Court? nine
There are how many senators for each state? two
The Legislative Branch is also known as what? congress
The head of the Executive Branch is who? president
The president has the power to do this if he doesn't like a law. veto
The Supreme Court interprets the laws and checks to make sure they are what? constitutional
The building associated with the Legislative Branch. capitol
The President appoints who to the Supreme Court? justices
Which branch has to approve the justices? Legislative
The President can only serve two terms for a total of how many years? eight
Supreme Court justices are appointed for how long? lifetime
The number of representatives that a state has is dependant on what? population
"Checks and _____________" is the way each branch can keep from having too much power. balances
The President is also known as the "Commander in _______?" chief
The Supreme Court is what branch? Judicial

Airport operations & ground handling Crossword


What is a CSA Customer Service Agent
It occurs when an airline does not or cannot operate the flight at all for a certain reason. Cancellation
What is the area outside the airport called? Airportramp
What point are you at after entering security point? Airside
What is the name of someone who uses visual signals to guide aircrafts? Airmarshall
Many used to load large cargo items. Pallet
Used for baggage and small pieces of cargo. Container
What is FOD? Foreignobjectdebris
What document shows the weight and the placement of everything on the aircraft? Loadsheet
Who is the largest share holder of Auckland airport? Aucklandcitycouncil

Compliance Crossword Puzzle


Occupational Safety and _________ Administration Health
FERC Order 706 governs these Standards CIP
Generally ________________ Accounting Principles Accounting
ATC’s FERC formula rates are housed within this MISO
An ATC ___________ has a $50,000 expenditure authorization limit Manager
Escheatment is the process of turning over ___________ property to a state authority Unclaimed
The frequency of completing ATC’s Business Ethics Questionnaire Annual
Regulation (acronym) enacted in 1996 aimed at ensuring medical records, medical billing, and patient accounts meet certain consistent standards with regard to documentation, handling, and privacy HIPAA
An employee may take maternity leave under the ________ and Medical Leave Act Family
The heading on Page 3 of ATC’s Code of Conduct: Doing What’s _________ Right
Tax (acronym) imposed on both employees and employers to fund Social Security and Medicare FICA
The Federal _____________ Guidelines outline the seven elements of an effective compliance program Sentencing
Tone at the ________ Top
An anonymous way to report an ethics or compliance concern Helpline
The number of members on ATC’s Policy & Ethics Committee Four
________________ Reliability Organization Midwest
Juanita Banks is ATC’s Designated ___________ Officer Compliance
Substantiated ethics and/or compliance violations are reported to ATC’s ____________ Committee Audit
Enterprise ____________ Management Information
Regulatory entity (acronym) that assists in the protection of employment discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, national origin, and a variety of other characteristics EEOC
Information should be classified as ATC __________ Information when the unauthorized disclosure, alteration, or destruction of that information could expose the Company to a significant level of risk Confidential
Controls for providing Users the means to verify or validate a claimed identity through the presentation of something they know (e.g., passwords), something they own (e.g., hardware token), or something they are (e.g., fingerprint, biometrics, etc.). Authentication
Per the Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources Policy, data moved to removable media sources (e.g. USB, CD, etc.) must be ___________. Encrypted
Ways to report potential issues or concerns are outlined in ATC’s Open ______ Policy Door
Employment ______________ and Professional References Policy Verification
Accepting a gift card from a supplier vying for business at ATC represents a Conflict of ________ Interest
Per the External Communications & Social Media Policy, do not represent yourself as a ____________ for ATC Spokesperson
Per the Gifts & Entertianment Policy, all tangible gifts given to an ATC employee, regardless of dollar amount, must be reported to _________ Payroll
Environmental ____________ Agency Protection
A competitive _________ is required to procure services over $100,000 Bid
___________ Oxley Act was instituted in 2002, as a result of a series of high-profile financial scandals Sarbanes
Per NERC, Critical __________ are facilities, systems, and equipment which, if destroyed, degraded, or otherwise rendered unavailable, would affect the reliability or operability of the bulk electric system Assets
Personnel Risk ____________ Policy Assessment
The Travel & Expense Policy governs transactions inputted into this system Concur
___________ employees who do not charge time to project work orders only need to report their exception time (e.g. vacation, sick, personal, or floating holiday hours) each pay period Exempt
Per ATC’s Code of Conduct, each ATC employee has a responsibility to promptly _________ any known violation or dishonest, unethical, or illegal conduct Report
_______ % of ATC’s corporate goal attainment ties to Reliability Compliance Fifteen
Behavior Based _________ Observations Safety