Robotics Crossword Puzzle

Robotics kits from Lego containing hardware and software to create EV3 robots
A list of instructions to do something
This sensor can detect something blue, red, green, white, black, etc.
this sensor detects distance from an object
this sensor can tell if the robot hits into something
the study of robots
the "brains" of the mindstorm robot
this motor is typically used to make the robot's wheels move
this motor is typically used as a secondary motor
a person who writes computer code
In Mindstorm, the name of the block used to do something over and over
In Mindstorm, the name of the block used if you want the robot to do something when one condition is met and then another thing when a different condition is met
the UltraSonic Sensor uses this type of technology when it sends a signal out to the object and it bounces back to the robot
A term for any command or group of commands in a program.
The specific areas for connecting sensors and motors to the EV3.

Robotics Crossword

Robotics Crossword

Computer aided design can be say in a short way is
Follows commands you tell the robot
An information processing device whose inputs are both the desired and measured position, velocity or other pertinent variables
The study of motion, the forces that cause the motion, and the forces due to motion.
removes drive power from the robot actuators, and causes all moving parts to stop.
able to add resources to the system, such as memory, larger hard drive.
The procedures use mathematical algorithms along with joint sensors to determine its location of a robot
It can determine a position and orientation of an object in space, as well as the robot's position within its model.
re-programmable multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices, through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks
I help the robot move it arms or move
This is commonly used as a non-contact sensor for robots. Robotic applications include: distance finding, identifying accurate locations, surface mapping, bar code scanning, cutting, welding etc.
industrial robotic arm transfers materials from one place to another.
devices or computers separate from the robot for later input of programming information to the robot.
It moves and use mostly on this I can work will out it
predicting the behavior and the operation of a robotic base the look of it
It help the robot to determine the environment of the robot like light heat.
The robot predicting the behavior and the operation of a robotic, kinematics emulation, path-planning emulation, and simulation of sensors. See Sensor, Forward Kinematics, and Robot.
This items we use to build buildings fix robot house.
It can work without you can build fine and it not being supporter by something
object to the workplace by gravity. Usually, a chute or container is so placed that, when work on the part is finished, it will fall or drop into a chute or onto a conveyor with little or no transport by the robot

Cyber Security Crossword

Cyber Security Crossword

any software program in which advertising banners are displayed while the program is running.
designed to detect and destroy computer viruses.
an attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a computer network or system.
a method, often secret, of bypassing normal authentication in a product
refers to the process of making copies of data or data files to use in the event the original data or data files are lost or destroyed.
refers to the process of making copies of data or data files to use in the event the original data or data files are lost or destroyed.
are similar to worms and Trojans, but earn their unique name by performing a wide variety of automated tasks on behalf of their master (the cybercriminals) who are often safely located somewhere far across the Internet.
are small files that Web sites put on your computer hard disk drive when you first visit
body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access
made possible by using algorithms to create complex codes out of simple data, effectively making it more difficult for cyberthieves to gain access to the information
a network security system, either hardware- or software-based, that controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a set of rules.
someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer network.
global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite
a local or restricted communications network, especially a private network created using World Wide Web software.
used to describe any code in any part of a software system or script that is intended to cause undesired effects, security breaches or damage to a system.
the activity of defrauding an online account holder of financial information by posing as a legitimate company.
software that enables a user to obtain covert information about another's computer activities by transmitting data covertly from their hard drive.
any malicious computer program which is used to hack into a computer by misleading users of its true intent
a piece of code that is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data
a standalone malware computer program that replicates itself in order to spread to other computers.

Coding Vocabulary Crossword

Coding Vocabulary Crossword

A list of steps to finish a task. A set of instructions that can be performed with or without a computer. For example, the collection of steps to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is an algorithm.
Another term for parameter
A wireless method of sending information using radio waves.
A number or string (or other things to be named later) that can be stored in a variable or computed in an expression.
A way of representing information using only two options.
A name that refers to a value. Stores a piece of data, and gives it a specific name.
a data type that has two possible values: “true” and “false”
A relatively easy-to-remember address for calling a web page (like
An error in a program that prevents the program from running as expected.
The set of rules that defines the combinations of symbols that are considered to be a correctly structured document or fragment in that language.
A datatype that is a single character which can be a letter, number, or symbol.
One or more commands or algorithm(s) designed to be carried out by a computer.
Any finite sequence of characters (i.e., letters, numerals, symbols and punctuation marks)
Computers that exist only to provide things to others.
An instruction for the computer. Many commands put together make up algorithms and computer programs.
is a detailed, yet readable, description of what a computer program or algorithm must do, expressed in languages that humans use naturally rather than in a programming language
Information in a program that is meant for other programmers (or anyone reading the source code) and has no effect on the execution of the program
Finding and fixing errors in programs
A collection of instructions (algorithms) that performs a specific task when executed by a computer.
A name used inside a function to refer to the value which was passed to it as an argument.
Small chunks of information that have been carefully formed from larger chunks of information
The construct that allows the repeated execution of segment of code until a terminating condition has been satisfied
A repetitive action or command typically created with programming loops.
Break a problem down into smaller pieces.
Someone who acts safely, responsibly, and respectfully online
An action that causes something to happen.
A number assigned to any item that is connected to the Internet
A data type that represents a positive or negative whole number
The information about someone on the Internet.
Sometimes called a procedure. A named sequence of statements that performs some useful operation
Data to be entered into a computer for processing

Robotics Word Search

Robotics Word Search
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Programming Vocabulary Crossword

Programming Vocabulary Crossword

A list of steps to finish a task. A set of instructions that can be performed with or without a computer
This is the computer programming language that we are working with this term.
Something that can vary in a program, or be set by the programmer
One or more commands or algorithms designed to be carried out by a computer
An error in a program that prevents the program form running as expected
An instruction for the computer
An action that causes something to happen
A way to give information to a computer
A way to get information out of a computer
To do something again
The common programming structure that implements "conditional statements"
Changing the appearance of a sprite
A character in your program
The actual blocks/text of your code
Code is organized into layers; placing conditions inside other conditions
All programs are based on this idea, a set plan which makes sense as you move through the directions

Robotics - End of Year Puzzle Crossword

Robotics - End of Year Puzzle Crossword

What gives the robot power?
What is the program that we use to program called?
What type of robots do we use?
What connects the brick to the motors?
What is the brain of the robot called?
What are the small pieces that hold parts together?
A sensor that detects information from the surrounding environment
I turned the motors to on but I need the robot to go until it sees a red line. What block would I use first?
A mechanical device that can be programmed to perform a task.
A block that makes a series of blocks repeat
The company that makes our kits.
Using this block, I can move 2 motors at the same time.
Using this block, I can move two motors individually.
What sensor helps you follow a line?
What block allows you to program a song?

Robot Puzzle Crossword

Robot Puzzle Crossword

a type of equipment that captures and records physical touch
handheld devices and may be wired or wireless used to program various models of the robotic industrial machinery the company makes.
hard physical work
is a small board that combines a microphone and some processing circuitry.
provide (a computer or other machine) with coded instructions for the automatic performance of a particular task.
containing or characterized by repetition, especially when unnecessary or tiresome.
the use of largely automatic equipment in a system of manufacturing or other production process.
a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer.
is the part of the robot that interacts with the environment.
It is the shape created when a manipulator reaches forward, backward, up and down. These distances are determined by the length of a robot's arm and the design of its axes.
is something that a robot can use to detect the current light level
a device that can measure the distance to an object
capable of movement on two or more
a device that controls a machine
a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.

Lego Mindstorms Crossword

Lego Mindstorms Crossword

General term for any command or group of commands in a program. In the NXT Programming Software, this is one or more blocks.
A written note in the program that explains something about that portion of the program.
The study and application of science, mathematics, and technology to find solutions to real-world problems.
Assists in helping your robot to "see." Using the NXT Brick , it enables your robot to distinguish between light and dark, as well as determine the light intensity in a room or the light intensity of different colors.
The NXT Intelligent Brick, your robot's "brain," features a powerful microprocessor and Flash memory, plus support for Bluetooth™.
A machine that is able to interact with and respond to its environment. characterized by three central capabilities: the ability to Sense, the ability to Plan, and the ability to Act.
An NXT sensor that detects sound waves and reports the amount of sound back to the NXT
The Touch Sensor reacts to touch and release, enabling your robotic creation to "feel"! It can detect single or multiple button presses, and reports back to your micro-computer.
The designated areas for connecting sensors and/or motors to the NXT.
An NXT sensor that detects physical contact and reports back to the NXT whether its contact area is pushed or not.
The special program pre-loaded on the NXT that tells it how to run other programs.
Ports A, B, C, D on the NXT Brick
Ports 1,2,3,4 on the NXT Brick
Recognizes seven different colors, measures reflected light intensity and detects ambient light
Uses sound waves to detect and measure distances from objects.

Robotics Crossword

Robotics Crossword

India’s first humanoid robot is education is ______.
Pepper, a humanoid robot from Softbanks is capable of reading human _____.
In a program, the order of statements is called as a _______.
_________ sensors use sound waves to detect a target.
"A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm”. This is one of the three laws of Robotics as stated by ______.
Also known as 2D barcodes, these synthetic markers with a black wide border and an inner binary matrix, are often used in Augmented Reality and Robotics
A type of motor that allows a very precise control of angular or linear position, velocity and acceleration.
Typically used in 3D printing, this biodegradable thermoplastic material is derived from plant starch like corn, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp
Amazon’s intelligent voice assistant that will answer every question of yours.
A technologist and geek, this avenger character has a lot of robots !

Robotics Word Search

Robotics Word Search
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