Divorce, father absence, and family conflict are _______________ stressors that tend to cause early puberty .
A side effect of abstract thinking that involves an intense preoccupation with the self and with being presented in the best possible light is known as adolescent ________ .
After splitting with her boyfriend, 15-year-old Katie believes she is the only girl to have ever experienced heartbreak life this. She is experiencing what side effect of abstract thinking?
Both of Aaron’s parents are doctors and want him to be a doctor too. Instead of exploring other options, Aaron decides to go to school to become a doctor because that is what his parents want. Aaron is resolving identity crises in what way? Identity __________
Amanda hasn’t even started the process of discovering her identity. She has no interest in exploring options for her future and isn’t committed to any values or goals. Amanda is in identity ________ .
16-year-old Adam and his parents are constantly fighting. This conflict is generally about ________ events (not big ones).
Kayla and Natalie, among others, have the reputation of being two of the most popular girls in the 10th grade. They are part of a _______.
Bailey and Kevin started dating last week. They have already changed their Facebook statuses to “In a Relationship”. Kevin is always telling Bailey how “hot” she is. We could conclude that Bailey and Kevin are experiencing the functions of _____ dating.
Adolescents have the highest ___ rate of any age group.
__________ has a strong influence on the timing and frequency of sexual activity.
_________ marks the transition into adolescence.
Emily feels like she is an adult in some ways, but in others ways she still feels like a teenager. Emily is in what “stage” of adulthood?
Brad is stronger than he has ever been. He has experienced a gain in muscle, fat, and weight. He rarely gets sick and in the last few years has only been to the hospital for accidental injuries. Brad is in what stage of adulthood?
___________ overtime can affect a student’s ability to perform well in school.
Josh knows that contradiction is an aspect of reality and that some things will just never make sense. He also understands that people may have different versions of truth. Josh is in Piaget’s stage of __________ thought.
Allie is starting to apply the things she has learned to major life decisions. She is exploring different career paths and dating partners. She is asking herself “Where should I work?” and “Who should I be with?”. Allie is in Schaie’s ______ stage.
Sam is deciding how he can use his knowledge to do what really matters to him. He is focusing more on tasks that have personal meaning. Sam is in Schaie’s ________ stage.
Alex has continued to learn throughout his life. He believes college prepared him to be a lifelong ________.