• I want to join Marines
  • I was in the Air Force
  • Coast Guard Rules
  • I am in the Navy
  • ARmy Man
  • I own a gun
  • I have worn a Marine Vest
  • I failed the Obstacle Course
  • I have ridden in a Helicopter
  • I want to be a pilot
  • I visited a military museum
  • My relative is enlisted
  • I have a purple Heart
  • I like war movies
  • my first car was a jeep
  • JB
  • My Hero is Sgt York
  • The Walls of Jericho
  • Desert Storm
  • collecct military memorabilia
  • I am the secret Weapon
  • I have been on a 12 mile hike
  • I am a sharp shooter
  • I am a veteran

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