What college did Martin Luther King graduate from?
What is the name of the preacher-led group of southern activists?
Who ordered that all buses and train terminals be desegregated by November 1,1961?
Robert F Kennedy
What bill was signed into law and was known as the "segregation ending bill"?
Civil Rights Act
What award did Martin Luther King get in 1964?
Nobel Peace Prize
What former member of the Nation of Islam was assassinated during his speech?
Malcolm X
Whoo stood in the doorway of the Univ. of Alabama to stop blacks from entering?
George Wallace
Who was the main recruiter for the NAACP?
Medgar Evers
Who was the black leader to command the "Back to Africa" movement?
Marcus Garvey
Who is Cassius Clay?
Muhammad Ali
Who is the teacher/journalist who launched an anti-lynching crusade?
Ida B Wells
Where is Little Rock?
Who is John F Kennedy?
A President
How many children did Martin Luther King have?
Who is known as the "conductor" of the Underground Railroad?
Harrient Tubman
Whos is known to be the "Littlest Soldier"?
Ruby Bridges
What President followed President Kennedy?
Lyndon B Johnson
What city was considered the most "segregated city in America"?
Who refused to give her bus seat to another after a long day of work?
Rosa Parks
What is the short name for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People?