This famous woman played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz in 1939, and has won a Grammy and Academy Award.
She was the first woman to command a shuttle mission and was one of the first women to become astronauts.
This famous woman was a Mexican painter and has her own museum. She was badly injured in an accident at the age of 15.
Named the Fabulous Moolah, this famous woman was a professional fighter and wrestler.
This famous woman was a French designer, known for creating a popular brand today. She designed clothes, jewelry and even perfumes.
This comedienne did stand-up comedy, and has her own show called Mike and Molly.
She was the first congresswoman ever.
This famous woman has studied primates almost all her life in Africa. This ethologist found out that chimpanzees can make tools.
This famous woman hosted Mexico's Next Top Model, and was on the cover of several Mexican magazines.
She was a famous English writer, and wrote the book "Pride and Prejudice."
This famous African American was an inventor, and created the automatic refrigeration system for long haul trucks.
This famous African American actor was mostly know for his narration voice. He also had many wide-ranging roles in Hollywood.
Famous for is successful career in Track and Field, this African American ran 100 meters in 9.85 seconds, setting a former world record.
This African American was a very famous professional boxer. BBC titled him the "Sports Personality of the Century."
Known for writing the novel “The Blacker the Berry" in 1929, this well-known African American wrote many satires about black life.
This famous African American was a slave around the 1700's, until he escaped and became a seaman. Later, he was recruited to fight in the Boston Massacre, and was the first man to die in the battle.
Known for his amazing skills on the trumpet, this infamous African American was a jazz artist from New Orleans was one of the most influential musicians of his time.
This infamous African American was the 44th president of the United States, and was the first African American who was ever elected as president.
Known for being a professional basketball player from Cleveland, this African American played for the Miami Heat and was awarded the 2003 Rookie of the Year award.
This famous African American was known for being the first black professional baseball player who played on the Dodgers team. His team number is 42.

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Nina Simone


George Washington


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