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World War 1 Crossword


A formal agreement between two or more nations or powers to cooperate and come to another's defense. Alliance System
Patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts. Nationalism
President During WW1 Woodrow Wilson
A union or association between three powers or states. Triple Alliance
The heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary Franz Ferdinand
World War 1 military strategy of defending a position by fighting form the protection of deep ditches. Trench Warfare
German Submarines. U-boats
U.S bonds sold during WW1 to raise money for loans to the Allies Liberty Bonds
Most famous WW1 treaty Treaty Of Versailles
Teams of troops,ships,or equipment. Convoy
Information given to show something or someone in a based way. Propaganda
Nickname for American troops in europe. Doughboys
The gathering of resources and preparation for war. Mobilization
1917 act gave the government new ways to spy. Espionage Act
They do no believe in government. Anarchists
A rapid firing weapon Machine Guns
Tax on your average income to support the war. Income Tax
a covering for a soldiers head Steel Helmets
Idea about how nations should work together. Internationalism
Country pays for damage caused by war. Reparations
German emperor Kaiser
Law that requires people of a certain age to enlist in the military Draft
Russian Emperors Czars
To give up power. Abdicate
Unable to read or write Illiterate
A person who tries to stir up war Warmonger
system of managing government through departments. bureaucracy
Association of nations formed after WW1 under wilson's 14 points plan. League Of Nations
States Germany alone must accept responsibility for causing the war War Guilt Cause
The U.S had less than 100 of them in WW1. Tanks
They used intimidation and fear towards blacks catholics, and jews Ku Klux Klan
The name given to the line of trenches which stretched from the english channel across the battle fields of France and Belgium during WW1. Western Front
Strip of land between the trenches of opposing armies along the western front during WW1 No- Man's-land
A military conflict centered on Europe that began in the summer of 1914. The fighting ended in late 1918. WW1
A ship that was sink in World War 1 by German U-boats. Lusitania
The military alliance formed between Russia, Great Britain and France before World War 1. Triple Entente
The belief or desire of a government or people that a country should maintain a strong military capability and be prepared to use it aggressively to defend or promote national interest. Militarism
11,11,11,1918(11 day of the 11 month of the 11 hour 1918) Armistice Day
A 1917 telegram sent form Germanys foreign secretary to the German minister in Mexico telling the minister to urge Mexico to attack the U.S if the U.S declared war on Germany. Zimmermann Telegram
Leaders of britain, France, the U.S and Italy after WW1. Big Four

Sherlock Holmes Crossword


What nationality is Irene Adler American
What hobby does Sherlock take up upon retirement? Beekeeping
A 16th cousin, twice removed of Sir Arthur C. Doyle Cumberbatch
Japanese system of wrestling used by Homes Baritsu
When you have eliminated the impossbile, whatever remains, however __________, must be the truth Improbable
A sibling Mycroft
Sherlock's cape fabric Tweed
Holmes's vice Cocaine
A hat worn in the country Deerstalker
A hat worn in the city Top hat
The originally suggested name for Sherlock Sherrinford
Sherlock's violin manufacturer Stradivarius
How many steps lead up to their quarters at 221b Baker Street Seventeen

World War One Crossword


german attack plan in case of two front war schlieffen
whose assassination resulted in ww1 Franz Ferdinand
allaince between Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary triple alliance
allaince between France, Britain, and Russia triple entente
which country switched sides in the war Italy
country that Germany gave a blank check Austria Hungary
country that left the war in 1918 Russia
having pride in the military and keeping an army ready for war militarism
agreement to stop fighting that ended ww1 armistice
limiting supplies such as food and clothes etc. rationing
one sided information created to keep people supporting the war propaganda
a way of attack where soldiers run out of trenches at the enemy trench warfare
the last central power to leave the war Germany
person from the U.S. who made series of peace proposals woodrow Wilson
french person who was nicknamed Tiger and really wanted Germany to be punished Clemenceau
the country germany invaded to get to France Belgium
the front in which France and Britain was fending off Germany western
the front at which there was more movement of land gained and lost eastern
Woodrow Wilson's plan for achieving lasting peace fourteen points
what battle happened july 1-November 18 1916 and was one of the bloodiest battles of the war Somme
what country did the Germans plan on defeating first france
country the person who kill Archduke Ferdinand is from Serbia
the sinking of what ship caused 1,198 deaths of citizens and almost dragged the u.s. into the war Lusitania
pledge the Germans signed to stop unrestricted warfare on ships sussex
what advance/revolution allowed for modern weapons to be produced industrial
some countries got extra soldiers from their_______. colonies
what country declared war on Germany april 6, 1917 Unitedstates
the person who assassinated the archduke of Austria Hungary june 28, 1914 Princip
the person who took Russia out of ww1 Lenin

WW1 Crossword Puzzle


To kill someone secretly ASSASSINATION
Not supporting on either side NEUTRAL
To deliver and transport stuff on water SHIP
A type of combat that fight across eachother TRENCHWARFARE
Britain, France, Italy, Russia, and the United States ALLIED POWERS
Brussels BELGIUM
A big vehicle that is full armor TANK
A submarine that the Germany uses to sank the Lusitania UBOAT
A truce to stop war at a certain time ARMISTICE
Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire CENTRALPOWERS
A war from 1914-1918 GREATWAR
A feeling of superiority over other countries NATIONALISM
A big bird that can fly up high to observe or spy PLANE
How did the war end? TREATYOFVERSAILLES

WWI Crossword puzzle


Policy of aggressively building up a nation’s armed forces in preparation. Militarism
The readying troops for war Mobilization
In World War 1, Germany and Austria-Hungary Central powers
In World War 1, Russia, France, Great Britain, and later the United States; in World War II, the Soviet Union, and other nations. Allies
Situation in which neither side in a conflict is able to gain the advantage. Stalemate
Ruler with unlimited power. Autocrat
A German submarine. U-boat
Pledge by the German government in 1916 that its submarines would warm ships before attacking. Sussex pledge
Tactic in which senators take the floor, begin taking, and refuse to stop talking to permit a vote on a measure. Filibuster
1917 note by a German diplomat proposing an alliance with Mexico. Zimmerman note
Collapse of the czar’s government in Russia in 1917, leading ultimately to the Bolshevik takeover. Russian revolution
1917 law authorizing a draft of young men for military service. Selective Service Act

U.S. history ww1 Crossword


to maintain a strong military Miliarism
Patriotic feelings Nationalism
Biased or miss leading info Propaganda
imported goods illegally Contraband
Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire. central powers
debt securities issued by a government for the purpose of financing military operations during times of war. war bonds
unrestricted sub-marine warefare sussex pledge
link between russia empire, french third republic, and united kingdom triple entente
government agency established on July 28, 1917, during World War I, to coordinate the purchase of war supplies between the War Department war industries board
u.s. government raised a national army selective service act
created to influence public opinion to support the u.s. committee of public information
a british ocean liner Lusitania
fighting from a trench trench warfare
lie in britian during ww1 home front
intergovernmental or organisation League of nations

World War 1 Crossword Puzzle


a temporary suspension of hostilities by agreement of the warring parties; truce armistice
holes or ditches dug in the ground to protect the soldiers from gunfire trenches
to assemble or marshal into readiness for active service mobilize
an alliance of nations joining together to fight a common enemy allies
ideas spread to influence public opinion for or against a cause propaganda
groups of soldiers troops
payment to the winning country for damages after a war reparations
provisions of food and other materials rations
not siding with one country or the other neutral
alliance that included Great Britain, France and Russia Triple entente
alliance that included Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy Central powers
armored combat vehicle used for the first time in WW1 tank
the policy of keeping a large army and glorifying war militarism
leader of Russia up until 1917 Czar Nicholas
America joined this side when it entered the war France

"The Hound of the Baskervilles" Crossword


Who was the servant of Charles and Henry? Barrymore
"The _______ of Baskerville" Hound
The spy rode in one cab
This was found 20 feet from Charles footprints
Who died of heart failure? Charles
What did Sir Charles smoke? cigar
Author of "The Hound of Baskerville" Doyle
What did Stapleton fall into? Mire
___________Holmes Sherlock
Who was Sherlock Holmes assistant? Watson
Who tried to kill Henry? Stapleton
The Baskervilles had bad luck here Moor
What sound did the hound make? Howl
What was the reward for killing Sir Henry? Money
How many boots did the thief take? one
Sherlock holmes examined one walker
Who does Sir Henry marry Mrs.Stapleton
How did the hound die? shot
Did Sir Henry die? No
What did they call nature's night light? moon
When was the book published? 1902
Who asked Sherlock Holmes to investigate the death of Sir Charles Baskerville? Mortimer
Where was Sir Charles found dead? Devonshire estate
What expression did Sir Charles have on his face when he died? horror
What was the hound? Dog

Progressive Era Crossword


Face of the Women's Suffrage movement. SusanBAnthony
1st President during the Progressive Era (1901-1909) Theodore Roosevelt
2nd President during the Progressive Era (1909-1913) William Howard Taft
President during World War I (1913-1921) Woodrow Wilson
Started investigative journalism Ida Tarbell
Wrote, "The Jungle". Upton Sinclair
The 16th Amendment pertains to the _____ tax. Income
The 17th Amendment allows for the direct election of _____. Senators
The 18th Amendment prohibited the consumption of _____. Alcohol
The 19th Amendment allowed for ______ to vote. Women
When voters add an item to the ballot. This is called an _______. Initiative
The actual vote that takes place during the initiative is called _____? Referendum
The ability for voters to have a new election to replace a local official already in office is called? Recall
To search for or expose real or alleged corruption, especially in business and politics. Muckraker
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NAACP
Women's Christian Temperance Union WCTU
Founded the NAACP WEB Dubois
Founded the Hull House Jane Addams
Outdoor Enthusiast John Muir

Sherlock Holmes Bingo Game

Bingo Cards

Sherlock Holmes
John Watson
Marc Garrideb
Count Negretto Sylvius
Sam Merton
Lord Cantlemere
Neil Gibson
Maria Pinto
Grace Dunbar
Marlow Bates
Professor Persbury
Robert Ferguson
Wife of Robert Ferguson
Killer Evans
Nathan Garrideb
Baron Adelbert Gruner
Violet de Merville
James Damery
Shinwell Johnson
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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