First woman member of the Royal Geographical Society. She traveled extensively and wrote a number of books.
Senator from Georgia; taught school; writer, lecturer, and reformer with special interest in agricultural and women’s issues; served as secretary to her husband while he was a Member of Congress.
Gave the world the little black dress, Chanel No. 5 perfume, and the revolutionary notion that style could be both classic and casual.
Belgian tennis star who returned after retirement and motherhood to win the U.S. Open in 2009 and 2010. The first Belgian woman ever to play in a Grand Slam final.
She then drew a knife from under her dress and stabbed Girondin through the heart. Descended from a noble family, educated in a convent at Caen, and royalist by sentiment.
U.S. politician, in New York City. She helped found Women Strike for Peace
Active in American Indian environmental issues since her teen years earned a degree in economic development from Harvard and then moved to Minnesota's White Earth reservation.
American toxicologist, physician, and educator. She worked with the state of Illinois. include Industrial Poisoning in the United States.
Was American TV's most popular comedienne for over a decade, beloved for her blazing red hair and slapstick situation comedy gags. starred in five different TV shows during her career; the original, I Love Lucy.
President and CEO of Yahoo!, making her the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company at age 37. Also, in 2012, she was ranked 14 by Fortune magazine's for their list of American's Most Powerful Women in Business. She started at Google in 1999 where she became their 20th employee and first female engineer. She was at Google for 13 years and helped develop Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and iGoogle.
Founded Miami, the only major U.S. city to have been founded by a woman.
Chemist and physicist known for her work on radioactivity and radium. She discovered both polonium and radium, laboriously isolated one gram of radium salts from about eight tons of pitchblende, and determined the atomic weights and properties of radium and polonium.
The French heroine who was burned at the stake.
American illustrator, caricaturist, and etcher. She illustrated more than 60 books including works by George Ade, Carl Sandburg, and Louis Untermeyer, as well as her own poems and her stories for children.
The former First Lady who became Secretary of State and is currently running for president.
Comedienne who was the former Saturday Night Live writer who created and starred in the television sitcom 30 Rock for seven seasons from 2006-2013. One of SNL's brightest stars.
Hostess whose 30 Minute Meals program on the Food Network made her one of the best-known cooks on TV. Her specialty was putting meals together in a hurry, and in 1998 she published her first cookbook on making 30 Minute Meals. The success of the book led to a gig on local television, and by 2001 Ray had signed on for a national show with the Food Network.
American humanitarian, organizer of the American Red Cross, and worked in the midst of the Civil War. She then established a service of supplies for soldiers and nursed in army camps and on the battlefields. She was called the Angel of the Battlefield.
First woman in the United States to receive a medical degree. she founded the New York Infirmary for Women and Children, which was expanded in 1868 to include a Women's College for the training of doctors, the first of its kind.
Widely considered the most respected and influential wedding dress designer in the world. She also designs evening wear, ready-to-wear, and ice-skating outfits. In fact, she designed the sleek costumes worn by Nancy Kerrigan in the 1994 Olympic Games.

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