seperation of two races
civil rights activist and priest
Martin Luther KIng
would not give up her seat for a white person
Rosa parks
war between north and south because of slavery
Civil war
place in Alabama in which many violent acts occured
the year segregation ended in schools
the year segregation ended completly
an act of voluntarily abstaing from using or buying
boycott from montgomery buses
montgomery boycott
famous speech by MLk
I have a Dream
nonviolent acts
First black child to go to a white school
Ruby bridges
MLK's wife
Coreetta Scott King
Novel focused around segregation in Mississippi
Mississippi trials
Ended segregation; passed by Supreme Court
Civil rights act
State of being equal
State of being free
Act or process of integrating
Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama during this Time period
Bull Conner
An American post-civil war secret society
Klu klux klan

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