Different Lenses Crossword

curved surface that bends light by refraction
diverging lens
converging lens
point which all incident rays pass through
light strikes a surface and comes back at a different angle
bending of light rays
path of a light ray
light striking a non-shiny surface
a dispersive object
distance between object and ooptical element
a lens to see outerspace
a mirror or shiny surface creates this
window glass
frosted glass
painted glass
angle between incident ray and normal
angle between reflected light and normal
the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection
an illusion created by light
distance between the lens and focal point

Refraction and Lenses Crossword

Refraction and Lenses Crossword

is an increase or decrease in size of an image produced by an optical system compared to the true size
a transparent refracting device that is thicker in the middle than at the edges
a transparent refracting device that is thinner in the middle than at the edges
the separation of light into its spectrum
concave on both sides
convex on both sides
light rays coming out of it come together at a point – they converge
causes a beam of parallel rays to diverge after refraction, as from a virtual image
images that are formed in locations where light does not actually reach
an image that is located in the plane of convergence for the light rays
refracting and focusing light so that objects appear clearly
distance of an object that is placed from the point of an incidence on the mirror
distance from the point of incidence of the mirror to the image
a convex lens that is used to make a magnified image of an object
bending of a wave when it enters a medium where its speed is different
can calculate the image distance for either real or virtual images and for either positive on negative lenses
point at where rays or waves meet after reflection or refraction
a technique for generating an image by tracing the path of light
angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence
the distance between the lens and the image sensor when the subject is in focus

Waves Crossword

Waves Crossword

occurs when a wave bounces back after striking an object
the point on the axis of a mirror lens throughwhich all incident light rays are focused
maximum distance the wave vibrates from the rest position
the distance between the adjacent crests or compressions in a series of waves
result of more moves overlapping
curved transparent object that forms an image by refracting light
any disturbance that transmits energy through matter or space
bending waves around a barrier or through an opening
image through which light does not actually pass
image through which light passes
lens that is thicker in the middle than the edges
speed at whcih a wave travels
the distance between a mirror lense through which all incident parallel rays are focused
mirror that is curved outward
mirror that is curved inward
mirror with a flat surface
matter through which visible light is easily transmitted
matter that transmits light but also scatters the light as it passes through matter
number of waves produced in a given amount of time
wave that forms from a stationary pattern in which portions of the waveare at rest position

Light Crossword

Light Crossword

Light travels fastest in this.
Light slows down when it goes through a denser object.
The angle of ____________is the same as the angle of refelction.
An object that creates light.
Used to create rays of light to investigate reflection and refraciton.
The unit of measurment of the speed of light __________ per second.
The type wave that light travels in.
Used by people to detect light.
Focuses light in the eye.
A dark area caused by an object blocking light.
The imaginary line at right angles to the mirror.
The shape of a lens used to focus light to a point.
Lets all light through.
Lets some light through.

Refraction and Lenses crossword puzzle

Refraction and Lenses crossword puzzle

A shaving mirror is this kind of mirror
A shaving mirror is this kind of mirror
Cause light ray from a specific focal point to bend
Have curvature in only one directon
Glasses or other transparent substance with curved sides
A mirror with a flat reflective surface
What most lenses are made out of
Used in lenses of sunglasses
Binoculars use these
Distance from the center of the lens to the focal point
Concave-convex lenses
Consists of several simple lenses
Cause light rays to bend to a focal point
Microscopes use this type of lens
First lens ever used
Has its optical surface broken up into narrow rings
This point of a lens is generally noted with a capital F
Change in direction of a wave due to a change in its transmission medium

Reflection and Refraction Word Search

Reflection and Refraction Word Search
Word Search

color spectrum
light energy
solar panel

Reflection and Mirrors Crossword

Reflection and Mirrors Crossword

a source of light rays
combination of points produce by light rays from an object
straight Line perpindicular to a spherical mirror that divides it in half
Diverging light rays produce this
light rays are reflected in parallel
flat smooth surface from which light is reflected
The scattering of light off arough surface
The reflective surface has edges that curve toward the observer
incident light rays that are parallel to the principal axis converge after reflecting from the mirror
reflective surface that has edges that curve away fro the obsever
formed by the converging of light rays

Mirrors and Lenses Crossword

Mirrors and Lenses Crossword

The behavior of light
A device that generates an intense beam of coherent monochromatic light
A reflective surface
A piece of glass or other transparent substance
The point at which rays or waves meet after reflection or refraction
Surface of light, heat, and sound
Phenomenon of light and radio waves
Electromagnetic radiation
The angle that an incident of line or rays make
Deals with light and vision
Wavelength that is greater than visible light
Process or state of diverging
An outline or surface curved outward like a circle or sphere
An outline or surface that curves inward like a cirlce or sphere
Coming together from different directions until they eventually meet

Refraction and Lenses Crossword

Refraction and Lenses Crossword

Lenses can be used to focus light; convex on both sides
lenses are used in imaging, lasers and fiber optics; being flat on one side, and convex on the other
concave on both sides
pertaining to or nothing a lens that is plane on one side and concave on the other.
“Fisheye” used in photography for a curve look; is thicker at the center than at the edges.
common element in beam expanding applications; consist of a convex surface and a concave surface where the concave surface.
refracting telescope uses two (of these lenses) to magnify images in the sky; surface curved like the exterior of a circle or sphere.
including in eyeglasses; curving inward.
pertaining to eyeglasses that do not contain a curvature for correcting vision, such as sunglasses.
A lens with one convex and one concave side is convex-concave.
A "perfect" lens or mirror would send all light rays through one ______ which would result in the clearest image; the center of interest or activity.
The light enters the lens and it bends as it goes through the lens to cross at a point in front of the lens.
a lens that causes a beam of parallel rays to diverge after refraction, as from a virtual image
used in a refracting telescope to focus the image
microscopes are an example of this; convex lens that is used to produce a magnified image of an object
a thin plastic lens placed directly on the surface of the eye to correct visual defect
movies presented are an example; light actually converges
formed by diverging lenses or by placing an object inside the focal length of a converging lens
the distance from the point of incidence on the mirror, the where the image is reflected to.
the distance from the actual object being reflected to the point of incidence on the mirror where it's reflected as an image.

IPC Crossword

IPC Crossword

the maximum displacement of particles during wave motion
the angle between the normal and the incident ray
the angle between the normal and the reflected ray
the angle between the normal and the refracted ray
the range of frequencies humans can hear
a series of alternating reinforcements and cancellations produced by the interference of the waves of different frequencies
the border where 2 different media come into contact
the center of an imaginary circle of which the mirror or lens is an arc
a wave in which wave energy causes both transverse and longitudinal motion
a space in which particles have been pushed together
a diverging lens thinner in the middle than at the edges which causes refracted rays to diverge producing a virtual image
a converging or parabolic mirror on which reflected rays converge at the focal point
a harmonious sound created by the interference of waves

Science Crossword (Chapter 5)

Science Crossword (Chapter 5)

Old model that light was fast moving tiny particles eventually absorbed by the eye
A model that represents light as a straight line or ray that indicates the light path as it travels including reflection off mirrors or refracting through lenses
light passes through freely
allows only some light to pass through
allowing no light to pass through
Occurs when light is blocked in specific areas
When light strikes a surface and bounces off
the ray that approaches a surface
imaginary line perpendicular to the surface being struck by light
angle between the incident ray and the normal line
Angle between the reflected ray and the normal line
incident angel must equal the reflected angle
when a wave or ray changes speed and direction as it passes from one material to another
illusion formed by refraction of light through air
a property of a material which light passes through. The more dense the slower the light passes through.
when light is trapped in an objects as heat
when light passes through a material
an object that curves inward
an object that curves outward
light rays that are coming together at a focal point
Light rays that spread apart
Where light rays meet at a certain point
A flat smooth mirror
curved piece of transparent material