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Mirrors and Lenses Crossword

Mirrors and Lenses Crossword

a thin plastic lens placed image directly on the surfaceof the eye to correct visual defect
concave on both sides
lenses are used in imaging, lasers and fiber optics; being flat on one side, and convex on the other
a lens that causes a beam of parallel rays to diverge after refraction, as from a virtual image
including in eyeglasses; curving inward.
Lenses can be used to focus light; convex on both sides
the distance from the point of incidence on the mirror, the where the image is reflected to
pertaining to eyeglasses that do not contain a curvature for correcting vision, such as sunglasses.
pertaining to or nothing a lens that is plane on one side and concave on the other.
microscopes are an example of this; convex lens that is used to produce a magnified image of an object
Fisheye” used in photography for a curve look; is thicker at the center than at the edges.
used in a refracting telescope to focus the image
The light enters the lens and it bends as it goes through the lens to cross at a point in front of the lens.
A "perfect" lens or mirror would send all light rays through one which would result in the clearest image; the center of interest or activity.
A lens with one convex and one concave side is convex-concave.
formed by diverging lenses or by placing an object inside the focal length of a converging lens
refracting telescope uses two (of these lenses) to magnify images in the sky; surface curved like the exterior of a circle or sphere.
movies presented are an example; light actually converges
common element in beam expanding applications; consist of a convex surface and a concave surface where the concave surface.
the distance from the actual object being reflected to the point of incidence on the mirror where it's reflected as an image.

Mirrors and Lenses Crossword

Mirrors and Lenses Crossword

A measure of how much a ray of light bends when it enters that material
a concave lens can only produce ______________
an object positions determines whether a convex lens forms a __________ or a virtual image
when parallel rays of light hit a smooth surface
an image of a distant object caused by refraction of light
an upright image that forms where light seems to come from
a mirror with a surface that curves inward
the point at which rays parallel to the optical axis meet
images formed by __________ are always smaller than the object
a flat sheet of glass that has a smooth, silver colored coating on one side
a lens that is thinner in the center than the edges
an imaginary line that divides a mirror in half
when a parallel ray of light hit a bumpy surface
a lens thicker in the center than the edges
a curved piece of glass or other transparent material
a copy of a image formed by a reflected or refracted rays of light

Mirrors and Lenses Crossword

Mirrors and Lenses Crossword

We use this to see our reflection.
Light from us bounces off of a mirror to show us how we look
Our eyes go through this process to give us sight
if we look at a table and cannot see through it, the table is _____.
This object uses different lenses to magnify and enhance the apperance of an object we are observing.
This either refracts, reflects, or absorbs light to change the way we view objects.
Most windows are ______, because we can see through them and they absorb a little light.
tranfers impulse to the brain for sight
Where a wave moves apart
A sensitive membrane at the back of the inside of an eye
An outward-curved lens
______ makes things visible
An inward-curved lens
A ______ regulates the amount of light entering the eye
The ______ focuses light waves on the retina
The ______ refract light entering the eye and sends it to the back of the eye
The act of seeing
This device uses highly concentrated light
transmission of some light but can cause it to disort
Able to be seen
An optical tool that uses refraction to seperate different wavelengths that make up white light

Light and Optics Crossword

Light and Optics  Crossword

Light is a form of
Light travels in __________ lines
Light traveling at an angle from one medium to another is called
Light changing direction when contacting a surface is known as
Rays reflected in parallel form a ___________ reflection
Rays reflected in a scattered patter form a _______________ reflection
Materials that do not allow any light to pass through it
materials that allow some light to pass through them
Materials that allow all light to pass through them
electricity traveling through a filament
electricity running through a glass tube filled with gas
Species that create their own light using a chemical reaction
energy stored in cells and released later
Objects that produce their own light
Objects that do not produce their own light
produces light without wasting energy as heat
a mirror that curves inwards
a mirror the curves outwards
a flat mirror
angle of ________________= angle of reflection

Optics Crossword

Optics Crossword

A type of optical telescope that uses a lens as its objective to form an image.
Is an optical telescope which uses curved mirrors that reflect light and form an image.
The _____lens in a telescope focuses the light to a point in front of the eyepiece.
Another word for nearsightedness
Images are formed behind the retina, not on it, and this causes close-up images to be blurry.
The most common cause of blindness
The pupil gets____in bright light.
The aqueous humour is the ____fluid, that fills the front part of the eyeball.
The ___ spot is where the optic nerve leaves the retina.
The coloured part of the eye.
The _____body is a circular muscle that enables the lens to change shape for focusing.
The _____is a layer of blood vessels that nourishes the eye.
With refraction of light no image is formed when the object is at the_____point.
A lens that makes light rays come together is called a _____lens.
These lenses make light spread apart.
A _____and dark-coloured surface will absorb light the most.
Concave mirrors are also called _________mirrors
Your image will be upright, but much smaller than what you normally see in this kind of mirror.
The ability to let light rays in.
Light can partially get through..
Allows no light to get through.
,Light can travel in a straight line just like _____.
When the sunlight passes from the air through rain droplets before reaching your eyes, what is this called?
Different _______of light have different wavelengths.
Where does the energy of the electromagnetic spectrum come from?
,As the wavelength gets shorter, both the frequency and energy _______.
Which rays are the highest forms of electromagnetic radiation?
Waves where the particles of the medium vibrate with an up and down motion.
What is the branch of science called that deals with the study of waves that travel through the Earth?
What kind of wave can you see on the water on a windy day?

Light Word Search

Light Word Search
Word Search

Optical illusion
Incident Ray
Focal length
Optic nerve
Focal point

Science Definitions Crossword

Science Definitions Crossword

A height of a wave crest or the depth of a wave trough, as measured from its rest position
A type of wave that travels trough empty space and transfers energy from one place to another
Has the highest energy and frequency and the shortest wavelength portion of the electromagnetic spectrum
An object (eg. mirror) that curves inward
Light passes through freely
occurs when light is blocked in specific areas
Allows no light to pass through
A model that shows light as a straight line or ray that shows the path as it travels including reflection off mirrors or refracting through lenses
Old model that light was fast moving tiny particles eventually absorbed by the eye
Allows some light to pass through but not all
The capacity to apply a force over a distance
The number or repetitive motions, or oscillations, that occur in a given time
lowest point in a wave
the matter waves travel through
the method frequency is measured in
Push or pull on an object
The level of water that has no waves
When light waves strike an object and bounce off
A wave you can see
Pictures light travelling as a wave
Range of colors of frequencies of visible light
The bending/changing direction of a wave as it passes from one material to another
the ray that approaches a surface
The ray that bounces off a surface
imaginary line perpendicular to the surface being struck by light
angle between incident ray and the normal line
angle between the reflected ray and the normal line
incident angle must equal the reflected angle
Illusion formed by refraction of light through air
a property of a material which light passes through (The more dense the slower the light goes through)

Light and Sound Crossword

Light and Sound Crossword

Sound is made when particles do this.
White light is a mixture of 6 different _____________ .
What colour is at the top of a rainbow?
Light and Sound are both forms of this.
Light and Sound both travel in ___________ .
Light travels in ____________ lines.
This is used to reflect light.
This word means the bending of light.
A convex lens will make light rays do this.
A red object appears red because it ____________ red light.
Mixing coloured lights together is called ____________ .
Sound cannot travel through this.
Light travels ________________ than sound.
When light reflects off a surface, the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. This is called the Law of ____________________



an instrument for observation over, around and through an obstacle
The normai line, incident ray and the reflected ray lie on the same__________.
a reflection of light through smooth surfaces
mirrors used by dentists
the center of the sphere in which the mirror is the part
the point between the center of curvature and the vertex
the center of the mirror
optical instrument uses 2 convex lenses to make a smaller object larger
two types of images are real and ___________
diverging mirrors
parallel mirrors produce___________numbers of images
a kind of curved mirror
at 90 degrees _______images are formed
bouncing of lights through a surface
negative values indicate that the image is_____________

Mirrors and Lenses Crossword Puzzle

Mirrors and Lenses Crossword Puzzle

A copy of an object formed by reflected or refracted rays of light.
A flat sheet of glass that has a smooth, silver-colored coating on one side.
The image you see in a plane mirror.
A mirror with a surface that curves inward like the inside of a bowl.
An imaginary line that divides a mirror in half.
The point at which rays parallel to the optical axis reflect and meet.
An upside-down image formed where rays of light meet.
A mirror with a surface that curves outward.
An image of a distant object caused by the refraction of light.
A curved piece of glass or other transparent material that refracts light.
A lens that is thinner in the center than at the edges.
A lens that is thicker in the center than at the edges.