Text entries that are inserted automatically when you type a specific set of characters.
Auto Text
Built-in reusable content such as text, graphics, and objects that can be easily managed and inserted in a document for a quick format.
Building Blocks
Information that identifi es the creator of the document, date the document was created, subject, category, and keywords that can be used to search for the document.
Document Theme
A large initial letter that drops down two or more lines at the beginning of a paragraph to indicate that a new block of information is beginning and to give interest to newsletters or magazine articles.
Drop Cap
A placeholder where Word inserts content in a document.
A sentence or other text displayed within a box on the page for emphasis and for ease of movement.
Pull Quote
A feature that allows a user to set a specifi c font and font size.
Style Set
An invisible, formatted box in which you can insert and position text and/or graphic objects.
Text Box
A symbol that enables most of the languages in the world to be symbolized with a special character identifi cation.
Built-in text that display lightly behind the document’s main text conveying the sensitivity of the document.