Where i told you i first realised i maybe liked you?
Holiday club
Where we had our first kiss
What were we watching when you asked me to be your girl?
X Factor
What is the one thing we both love to do?
Ice skating
How long did i live on a boat for?
Two years
The one song that always reminds me of you?
Say you won't let go
How long have we been together (in years)?
2 years
What was our first real date?
Go Ape
What food did we eat on our first date (after i begged!!!!!!)?
The worst dinner we've cooked together hahah??
Macaroni cheese
Our anniversary date?
1st October 2016
The name of the puppy we're going to have together (maybe when we 90 tho haha)
My middle name
Our favorite snack (at least i think it is haha)
Ice cream
Our "shipname" at the Hippodrome?
If i could have anything at your house what would I have?
Monkey Blanket
The one thing I always want you to know, no matter what...
I love you