focus on the interest of one's region
withdraw from a larger unit
a person who supported the union during the civil war
joined by an agreement or treaty
form of goverment where power is divided between the goverment and states
a formerly enslaved person
using naval vessel to prevent shipment of supplies in or out of ports
the fact or process of being set free
a public or official announcement
the idea that states can set aside or cancel federal laws
the action of assassinating someone
a minor change in a document
the effort after the civil war to reorganize the seceded states
military goverment involving the suspension of ordinary law
martial law
cotton was considered this in the south
cash crop
a farmer who exchanges labor for seeds, tools, and living quarters
a farmer who works land owned by another
tenant farming
free from outside control; self governing
someone who competes againist or fights another
a person who publicly supports or recommends a cause
a tax on imported goods
a white southerner who supported reconstruction

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