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Pre Columbian America Crossword


The Inca's way of farming in the high mountains
A city that and its surrounding territory forms an independent state
An adventurer or Conqueror, the New World in the 16th century
This civilization was located on the Yucatán Peninsula.
The widespread transfer of plants, foods, diseases, and ideas between the New World
Belief in or worship of more than one god
This civilization was located in the Andes mountains
This civilization dominated central and southern Mexico through force and a tribute system
The historic region comprises the modern-day countries of northern Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, and central to southern Mexico
A system is a class structure that is determined by birth

roaring 20's Crossword


a group that heavily influenced the ratification of the 18th amendment
man who traveled across the Atlantic ocean solo from NYC to Paris
who started the back to Africa movement
president who wanted to return to Normalcy
group of people that were feared during the red scare
created the first plane to take off and land n water
the men who were arrested and executed due to nativity fear spurred on by the red scare
movement of African Americans to the north for jobs
music that was contributed from the harlem renaissance
selling of this product was a major cause of prosperity
court case that argued modern vs traditionalism
women who challenged traditional restrictions
scandal that warren Harding was involved in sold land with oil on it
people that disliked foreigners and immigrants
18th amendment led to a rise in
repealed prohibition and brought alcohol back
investing in the stock market
effort of the harlem renaissance
underground club that sold alcohol illegally
types of purchases that increased
awakening of African Americans culture in NYC

Georgia Government Vocabulary Crossword


Georgia's lawmaking branch, which is in charge of creating, debating and determining the laws that guide the state.
Georgia’s legislature which is made up of the Georgia Senate and the Georgia House of Representatives.
the process through which a legislative body prepares and enacts laws through its lawmaking process.
the head of the majority party in a legislative body
the head of the minority party in a legislative body
the primary leader of the House of Representatives in the General Assembly
a committee created for a specific, pressing cause
a committee that exists on a permanent basis in charge of reviewing and refining legislative measures that come under the subject area of the committee
money paid by citizens that go to the Georgia state government
funds collected from taxes on income, profit, sales, and property.
A branch in Georgia in which the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary for State, Attorney General, and State Treasurer are responsible for enforcing and carrying out laws
the elected executive head of a state of Georgia
the executive official of a state who follows the governor in rank and assumes their position in the event of infirmity or death.
a legal officer who represents Georgia in legal proceedings and gives legal advice to the government.
the leading judge in Georgia’s Supreme Court
the body of laws in Georgia regulating ordinary private matters
the highest court in the Judicial Branch in Georgia
a legal system focused with punishing individuals who commit crimes
A branch in Georgia responsible for interpreting laws
a court of appeals that deals with less serious criminal offenses
a court with wide authority over the territory of a specific state
those serving on the Supreme Court of Georgia
a judicial procedure in which a case from a lower court is taken to a higher court for review of a lower court’s
a court that is part of the Georgian judicial system and is responsible for hearing and evaluating legal appeals
A court of appeals reviews appeals from district courts within its circuit on objections to district court rulings.

Civil Rights and Modern Georgia Crossword

Civil Rights and Modern Georgia Crossword

traveled the state of Georgia and asked Georgians how they felt about integrating schools
civil case that was the end of legal segregation in US education
"separate but equal"
Atlanta City Schools' first black Board of Education member
desegregation movement in Albany, GA; considered a learning experience
Chairman of SNCC, who was arrested 40 times; served in Congress
minority that was treated like second-class citizens
lead Montgomery Bus Boycott; formed SCLC
Linda Brown's lawyer
Charlayne Hunter and _____________ were the first African Americans to attend UGA
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee; sit-ins at lunch counters
civil rights march where MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech was made
law that banned all discrimination against any American
Georgia Governor who hired more African Americans into office than any other governor
first African American mayor of Atlanta
Georgia's first black representative since Reconstruction; ambassador of United Nations
this event in 1996 brought a lot of popularity to Atlanta
Served 2 terms as GA senator, became GA governor, and became president of the US; Camp Davids Accord
peace agreement made by Jimmy Carter between Arabs and Jews
These people make up 10% of GA's population

civil rights movement & modern ga Word Scramble

civil rights movement & modern ga Word Scramble
Word Scramble

Martin Luther king jr.
John Lewis
Brown V. BOE
1956 flag
Civil rights movement
Sibley Commission
March on Washington
Jimmy Carter
1964 civil rights act
Albany movement
Andrew young
Lester Maddox
1996 olympics
Maynard Jackson

Sociology Word Search

Word Search

Controlled rules
Nature theories
Feral Children
Post modernism
The new right
High culture
Mass culture

Novel Search Crossword

Novel Search Crossword

Most read GMHS Novel
2nd Most Read GMHS Novel
3rd Most Popular GMHS Novel
Graphic novels originating from Japan
______ ________ is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities
Novels you can listen to
Where can you do activities in the Library
Even Super Heroes like to
Comic Series on the Civil Rights Movement
Holds your place in a book

Entree Crossword

Entree Crossword

led by Mlk
son of eugene talmadge
1946 governer of georgia
1946 lieutenant Governer of Georgia
ruled segregated schools were unconstitutional
used sit-ins with younger people to gain equal rights
Failed because it tried to do too much
more than 250,000 people converged on Washington to demand equal treatment
signed by Lyndon B Jhonson
Father of the modern civil rights act
leader of the modern civil rights movement
Georgia's response to Brown vs. Board of education
first african American to attend UGA
number of people arrested in the albany movement
signed civil rights act
chose to close his restraunt instead of serving blacks
Appointed young to be U.S. ambassador
U.S. ambassador

Civil Rights & Modern Georgia Crossword

Civil Rights & Modern Georgia Crossword

an organized civil rights protest led by the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, whose primary objective was to desegregate the city of Albany, Georgia, and the surrounding community.
federal legislation that forbade discrimination on the basis of race and gender in hiring, firing, and promotion.
His work and his devotion to non-violent protest earned him the Nobel Peace Prize and led to the national holiday created in his honor.
leader in the Civil Rights movement; leader of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee; U.S. Representative
the famous jobs and civil rights march led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
civil rights organization by college students that encouraged non-violent protests for integration
one of the last openly segregationist politicians in Georgia (Governor).
important civil rights leader who served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and Mayor of Atlanta; was also instrumental in bringing the 1996 Olympic Games to Atlanta.
first African-American or Black mayor of a major southern city (Atlanta).
was created in 1957 in Montgomery, Alabama in reaction to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
Supreme Court cases that struck down the policy of separate but equal and mandated the desegregation of public schools.
investigation by lawyer John Sibley to determine what should be done about integration in the state; though 60% of Georgians claimed they would rather close the public schools than integrate, Sibley recommended that public schools desegregate on a limited basis.
controversial flag that flew over Georgia from 1956-2001. The flag was controversial due to the flag’s prominent Confederate Battle emblem.
the reassignment of legislative seats among legislative districts according to district population
The first Georgian to be elected President of the United States
Peace between Israel and Egypt which was negotiated by President Carter while at Camp David
An award given annually to the person whose work has most benefited mankind
The new home of the Atlanta Braves baseball team
It allows police officers to question suspects about their immigration status and detain them if they are illegal
two major political parties dominate the government

The Civil War 1861-1865 Crossword


a sea fort built on an artificial island protecting South Carolina from naval invasion
passed after the civil war in 1870
american white supremacist terrorist hate group
process in which the House of Representatives make up the first major step required to remove a government official from office
a landmark supreme court decision that upheld the constitutionality of racial segregation
elected 16th president of the United States
first major land battle of the American Civil War
the initial Civil War strategy devised by General Winfield Scott of the U.S. Army
one of the South's most successful generals during the American Civil War
elected 18th president of the United States
provided protection for federally appointed officials who required conformation by the U.S. Senate
known as the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, was established in 1865
a period from about 1865 to 1877 where federal laws offered observable protection of civil rights
restrictive laws designed to limit the freedom of African Americans
first amendment to the U.S. Constitution during the period of Reconstruction