A New York abolistionist who executed five pro-slavery settlers.
John Brown
Raids on anti-slavery towns.
Border ruffians
One of the most succesful conductors.Making about two dozens trip freeing slaves.
Harriet Tubman
Wrote the book Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Allowed slavery but did not join the confederacy.
Border States
A party that wants to keep the territories free.
Free Soil
Known as the great pacificator and came up with a compromise.
Henry Clay
A slave sued for his freedom.
Dred Scott
Brown and 21 othe rmen attakced a fedral arsenal.
Harpers Ferry
Allows the majority of the people to choose
Popular Sovereignty
Most of the South did not find him on the ballots.
Abraham Lincoln
The North had a navy of 250 ships to block the South.
Where alot of vilonce occured in Kansas.
Bleeding Kansas
Genral Thomas Jackson stood his ground earing the nickname.
Stonewall Jackson
required private citzens to help apprehending slaves
Fugitive Slave law
The confederate fired upon the fort and caused anger throughout the Union.
Fort Sumter
Block the southern ports starving them of income and supplies.
Anaconda plan
James Buchana won the election.
1856 election
In April Genral Grant fought in Tennessee both sides lost 25000 soliders in two days.
He supported popular soverginty and the annexation of Texas.
Stephen Douglass