commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia
Robert E Lee
largest number of casualties in the war
Battle of Gettysburg
led the Union Army
Ulysses S Grant
lasted two days
Battle of Chattanooga
is also known as the battle of Sharpsburg
Battle of Antietam
led the United States through the Civil War
Abraham Lincoln
president of the conferate states of America during the civil war
Jefferson Davis
first major land battle in Civil War
First Bull Run
bloodiest battle in American history at this time
Battle of Shiloh
sealed confederacy fate by losssing Mississippi river
Batle of Vicksburg
home to two of the battles in the Civil War
Fort Sumter
confederate general after Robert E Lee
Stonewall Jackson
Union general lost at the Second Bull Run
John Pope
first of the seven days battles
Battle of Oak Grove
described as a mystery man of the war
George McClellan
Union general defeated at the Battle of Chancellorsville
Joseph Hooker
took his memoir and published it making it a well known first hand accoun
William Sherman
known for his unusual hair style
Ambrose Burnside
war between two organized groups in the same state or country
Civil War
11 southern states that seceded from United States
states united