The smooth arc of the horse’s body, from poll to croup, over a jump:
To trim the mane so short that the hairs stand up, done for appearance, ease of care or to keep the mane out of the way of the rider:
Used to describe an untrained horse or one that is just beginning its training; also used to describe an inexperienced rider:
At the halt, horse stands with straight legs and the four hooves are at each corner of an imaginary rectangle – that is without and feet forward or back:
The traditional warning to be aware of an approaching horse:
A type of equine that should not measure higher than 14.2 hands when fully grown:
What some horses do with their tails to indicate excitement and exhilaration, considered a “trait” of the Arabian, but any horse may do it under the right circumstances:
One of the main classifications of bits that work through leverage
A horse in healthy condition, the word usually refers to an absence of lameness:
A horse striking itself on any part of one leg with the hoof of another leg:
To rise and sink back into the saddle in rhythm with the trot in order to make the gait more comfortable for the rider:
To lead another horse from horseback, excellent way to get two horses legged up at the same time if they are acceptable to it:
Western term for a horse with a reddish, light brown body color and a mane and tail of the same color as the body:
When a horse suddenly startles at a real or imagined event or object, such as the rustling of tree branches:
The left side of a horse:
The highest part of the back, where it meets the base of the neck and the point where a horse’s height is measured from the ground:
Cushioning layer of material with which a stall is floor is covered for comfort and to absorb moisture:
Term used to describe an excitable horse:
The highest portion of a horse’s head, just behind its ears:
Term used to describe animals that naturally exhibit the need for companionship & in the wild live in herds; the horse is an example of an animal with this natural behavior, happier in a group then alone:
Horse shown over fences and judged on its style, manners, way of going and elegant style over the fence:
Term used when watching a sound horse trot, using all limbs equally and moving to the clean 2-beat tempo of the gait (or if a ASB 5-gaited horse, the 4-beat tempo of the slow-gait or rack):
Horse that has been trained to be ridden and is generally quiet and complacent:
Post(s) that hold the cups in which the rails of a jump are rest (set):
Elastic V-shaped portion of the sole of the foot located between the bars; absorbs concussion and provides traction:
Call for a reverse of direction when working in an arena:

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