This is the teller of the story.
This is a comparison of two unlike items that uses "like" or "as."
This is the restatement of a written work that keeps the basic meaning of the original.
This is a work of literature, especially a play, that results in catastrophe for the main character.
This is an exaggeration or overstatement.
This is an arrangement of words in verse. It sometimes rhymes and expresses facts, emotions, or ideas in a more imaginative style than ordinary writing.
This is when an object or abstract idea is given human qualities.
This is a device where objects represent bigger, more significant ideas.
This is the point of view where one of the characters narrates the story.
These are images to help the reader see, hear, or feel things. These are details that appeal to the senses.
This is an indirect reference to a familiar person, place, or event.
This is a form of language that is characteristic of a particular place or group of people.
This is writing that uses humor to ridicule or criticize individuals, ideas, or institutions in hopes of improving them.
This is a point of view where the author uses pronouns like "he" and "she" in telling the story.
This is the main idea or lesson of a work.
This is the part of the plot where the conflict ends.
This is a device that is used to share previous events that occurred before the story.
This is a comparison of two unlike things that does not use "like" or "as."
This is a method of relating how two or more elements are similar.
This is a method of relating how two or more elements are different.
This is the time or place in which a story unfolds.
This is a device used in literature that creates an expectation of later developments in the plot.
This is a brief comment delivered by an actor, which expresses the character's thoughts. It is not heard by other characters.
This is the main problem in a literary work.

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