Intrustion Alarm after 2200 hrs
Accident in which a passerby is unsure of injuries
Animal call type in which there is a bear attempting to get into my house
A man is chasing another man with an axe
Someone is calling to report their vehicle being hit in a parking lot, and there are no notes and no suspect vehicle on scene.
DCSO request we check a residence to see if a runaway juvenile is there.
The nugget calls to request a walk through due to some suspicious subjects in the valet area.
RMC calls to report a death
Rp calls to advise that their neighbor is yelling at them about the fence being down. They state that it's an ongoing problem, and they have now gone back into their own home.
Passerby calls to report a subject walking down the middle of Washington street, and they are concerned they are going to get hit by a car.
Female calls to report that her husband just choked her.
Male calls to request a deputy because he just bought a car from someone and now the car is not running.
Associate from wal-mart calls to advise they have located a 5-year old child, but have been unable to locate the parents or responsible parties for the juvenile.
Mother calls because her 12 year old son is misbehaving.
Juvenile problem
A male is at the front counter wishing to turn himiself in on a warrant.
warrant service
Harbor Freight calls to advise that they just discovered their night shift manager has been skimming registers.
Jimmy G's calls to advise there are two subjects on the patio fighting.
Male calls because he has a TPO against him and he needs to go to a residence to pick up some belongings.
Keep the peace
Intoxicated female is flashing people in the middle of Highway 50.
RP calling to advise that there are several subjects riding dirt bikes up and down Rolando Wy.
Rp calls to advise his neighbor is not home, but that their front door is open.
Rp calls because he believes that there is someone in his backyard.
Macy is calling because she wishes to speak with Deputy McDonald (who is currently working) about a call that he was out at her house for earlier.
Bodines security calls to request a deputy to respond to pick a purse up that had been left.
RP calls to advise that a man just walked into Taco Bell with a gun on his hip.
Subject with Weapon
RP calling to advise that there are several speeders in her area every day around 1500 hrs.
Traffic Complaint
The clerk at 7-11 called to advise that there is male out front panhandling and harassing customers.
Rp calling to have a volunteer unit come out and do a Vin Inspection on the car she is wishing to register.
Rp calling because there is someone parked blocking her driveway.
There is a silver ford mustang in the parking lot of big lots with the alarm going off.
Rp calling to state that they found a cat that appears to be limping around and hurting.
Michelle is calling because her adult son, Bob, has been living with her, and is now causing a problem and they have been arguing all day.
Domestic Disturbance
Vicky is calling because she was just in an accident on Spooner Hwy about 4 miles up. She says that there are no injuries to the people in her car, but that the people in the other car do not appear to be moving nor able to get out.
Mike is calling because he just got home and found his home ransacked, and his 70 inch flat screen TV missing.
Residential Burglary
Rp calling because she just saw juveniles with spray cans at empire elementary and fresh graffiti on a car in the parking lot.
Walmart has a subject detained for shoplifting.
Petit Larceny

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