Malware that holds the data of a computer user
Process for transforming readable text into unreadable text
Tricking individual to disclose sensitive informaton
Unlawful, unauthorized access that compromises the integrity of data
Person maliciously damaging a computer
An attempt to trick someone into revealing confidential or sensitive information (two words)
Social Engineering
User creates to control access
It is similar to a password but is usualy longer and may contain blank spaces
Slows down your computer and tracks where you go on the Internet
This stands for "secure" and indates that communication with a webpage is encrypted
Don't click on these in an email from an unknown source
A copy of files and programs made to faciliatate recovery
Unwanted email that consists mostly of advertising
Adding this word encrypts confidential data in emails (two words)
Secure Mail
Acronym for iinformation that can identify a person
These laws must not be violated by distributing/downloading protected works
Assure that sensitive data is read only by authorized individuals and is not disclosed to unauthorized individuals or to the public.
When you step away from your computer even for a minute, what are you supposed to do?
Lock Computer
Who can you share your FDOE password with?
Most common delivery method for a virus is
When leaving for lunch, break, meeting and end of day, how do your secure your computer?
Lock Computer

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