liquid water on Earth, 70% of the surface
processes that water circulates through
water cycle
the top layer of a body of water, water that collects on the surface
surface water
a portion of land drained by a river
river basin
water found under the sea, can be fairly inactive or can be where plates meet
ocean basins
water found underground in cracks and spaces under soil, sand and mud
ground water
liquid risen to the surface spilling, or is about to spill
substance that provides nourishment needed for growth and to stay alive
a large natural or artifical lake used as a source of water supply
a solid inorganic substancer of natural occurance
occurs when a gas dissolves into anothr solute
dissolved gases
a tidalmouth of a large river, where the tide meets the stream
part of the largest aquatic system of the planet
marine ecosystems
rising of seawater, magma or other liquid
a neutral area serving to seperate hostile forces or nations
buffer zones
a largely unexplored part of the largest aquatic system on the planet
deep ocean ecosystem
a microorganism, especially a bacterium causing fermentation or disease
suitable for drinking
microscopic bubbles of gaseous oxygen mixed in with water and available to certain animals
dissolved oxygen
a salt or estar of nitric salt
a figure expressing the acidity of a solution
a salt or estar of phosphoric acid
the cloudiness or haziness of fluid caused by large numbers of particles, normally invisible to human eyes
refer to organisms species or community with characteristics showing specific conditions
biological indicators
saltiness of a body of water
observing and checking the process of something as state changes or shifts
quality of water
water quality
dissolves or can dissolce
how water is cared for
water treatment

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